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imm cologne 2014: Kicking off a new and successful year in furniture

Increase in Turkish and other international exhibitors and visitors

Sleep products coverage doubled this year and sleep segment halls focused on neuromarketing. Experts presented the topic in Hall 9.

The successful imm cologne/LivingInteriors 2014, the world’s leading trade fair in Lifestyle and Interior Design attracted around 120,000 visitors, an increase on 2012’s figures. Visitors came from 129 countries across the world and visitors from abroad accounted for 42.5% of the total (based on figures from the Trade Visitor Days). The trade fair duo recorded an increase in visitors from Asia, North America and Europe in particular. “The current growth in exhibitors and in particular in international visitors proves that imm cologne/LivingInteriors is mobilizing the international market and as a result, all the associated industries” says Gerald Böse, President and CEO of Koelnmesse. “The fair went brilliantly this year. We are certain that it has generated a lot of interest in furniture purchase. And that means we are extremely confident when we say that 2014 is going to be a good year in furniture”, said Dirk-Uwe Klaas, CEO of the Federal Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM). This view was confirmed by Hans Strothoff, president of the Federal Association of Furniture, Kitchens, and Furnishing Retailers (BVDM):”We are convinced that the positive spillover effects from the fair will have an important impact on the public’s impulse to purchase.”

This year the sleep segment occupied two complete halls. And, with its focal topic in the Sleep Lounge area of Hall 9, the Association of the Mattress Industry generated an additional incentive for people to visit the trade fair. The focal topic uas neuromarketing, which was visually presented, explained by experts in separate areas and also served as a unifying element for Halls 9 and 5.2.

The fair put sleep into the spotlight by making the segment bigger, better and more lively than ever before. In response to the rising number of exhibitor requests, Koelnmesse cooperated closely with the Association of the Mattress Industry to expand the segment, which was previously only presented in Hall 9. The presentation now also extended into Hall 5.2, which is located opposite. Both of the halls were completely filled and accommodated more than 100 companies from 20 countries.

This exciting focal topic was presented at the mattress association’s Sleep Lounge area in Hall 9. In line with the focus on neuromarketing, the entire area was conceived as a walk-in installation that depicts the human brain. It featured various stations for showing those processes that are active in the brain whenever purchasing decisions are made. All of the senses are used to make such decisions. In addition to relying on auditory, visual, olfactory and tactile sensations, human beings make purchasing decisions on the basis of their own experiences. Together, these factors determine whether potential customers will buy a product or not. The visualization of this network also served as a unifying element between Halls 9 and 5.2.

Three experts were on available to talk about neuromarketing. Bert Martin Ohnemüller from the agency neuromerchandizing group develops structures for measurably making the point-of-sale more successful over the long-term. Thomas Witt from Thomas Witt Consulting offered special sales training courses for the furniture trade. Dr. Kai Markus Müller from The Neuromarketings Labs focused on communicating the findings of experimental psychology. The three specialists had their own stands in Hall 9.

The focal topic was initiated by Dr. Ulrich Leifeld, Managing Director of the Association of the Mattress Industry, who calls into question the frequent use of crossed out sales prices in mattress advertising. “Brain research has shown that this approach only leads to a brief ‘bargain delight’, which is overshadowed by uncertainty regarding the purchase and possible frustration concerning the product’s quality,” he says. That’s why imm cologne took this opportunity to focus on neuromarketing’s positive sales incentives. It will offer added value that not only interested trade visitors from the segments for beds, mattresses and sleeping systems, but everyone who came to the fair.

Another of the Sleep Lounge area’s highlights was the meet@sleep sector party on Tuesday, 14 January 2014. In a convivial gathering, participants were again be able to talk in-depth about topics such as neuromarketing – for example, in discussions with the experts.

imm cologne/LivingInteriors presented a multi-faceted and varied range of products once again this year, with 1.209 (1.179) exhibitors from 52 (49) countries. Overall, around 120.000 visitors (including the estimates for the last day of the fair) came to the metropolis in the Rhineland, against 116.000 in 2012. Around 86.000 of those visitors came from Germany while more than 34.000 came from 129 countries all across the globe! There were particularly strong presences from the U.K., France, the Netherlands and Italy as well as from China and the USA, representing a one per cent increase in visitors from abroad to the fair. The 2014 event also saw a slight increase in visitors from Russia. “The increased number of visitors from abroad underlines the importance of the export industry for our exhibitors “, says CEO of Koelnmesse, Katharina C. Hamma. “And it proves that the market-orientated fair concept of the imm cologne, after 2012 and 2013, continues to impress the industry this year”. The fair also saw impressive figures for the Open Days, with around 40.000 consumers looking for ideas and inspiration in interior design.

A global mix with a hint of the Romantic

In contrast to the cool virtual world of the internet, people want comfort, harmonious shapes and colors and cozy accessories in their own homes. Objects are deliberately selected and placed to give that authentic feel.

Horizontal showers and soothing lighting

Technology and health requirements clearly merge in the ideal bathroom. Designers have taken advantage of this natural symbiosis and created an oasis of well-being to replace the humble bathroom of the past.

Comfort is key
In the bed and mattress sector as well as in upholstered furniture, the modern customer is moving away from the hard lying and sitting ideal, once so highly praised. Today, the customer associates comfort with coziness and a softer lying and sitting concept.

Wall units reconceived as jigsaw puzzles

The demand for wall units in the coming season focuses less on storage space and more on basic electrical equipment. It must provide space for the Home Entertainment system while avoiding the tangle of cables and retrofitted cable ducts. This means that wall units continue to become smaller and lighter but equipped for far more technology than before.

My favorite color is multi-colored
The color white will still be available for furniture but is on the decline. Bright colors and a wide variety of colors are set to return. We are going to see a lot of blue, violet as well as teal and cyan tones. The whole spectrum of natural tones will play a large role, primarily in the wooden furniture range.

imm cologne – the leading trade fair for furniture & interiors since 1949

imm cologne is the central trade fair for interiors in the most important international interiors market. Right at the beginning of the year, the fair presents the most current international furniture and lifestyle trends in the most impressive commercial atmosphere. The enormous breadth and depth of exhibits extends from self-assembled furniture to premium brands all the way to visionary product design. In its 65th anniversary year, imm cologne was held alongside the LivingInteriors, which takes place every two years and showcases an integrated range of living and lifestyle concepts. The spotlight was on the things that transform our houses and apartments into homes: bathrooms, flooring, walls, home textiles and lighting. Along with the furniture fair, LivingInteriors provided an extensive and innovative picture of the entire design world.

The next trade fair duo
imm cologne/LivingKitchen will be held from
19 to 25 January 2015.