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India Mattresstech + Upholstery Supplies Expo impressed

The 6th edition of INDIA MATTRESSTECH + UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES EXPO (IME) – International Trade Fair for Mattress and Upholstery Production Technology, Machinery, Supplies, Production Tools and Accessories emerged as India’s biggest and most important B2B exhibition for the sector. Held in Bengaluru from the 2nd-5th June 2022, the event welcomed nearly 5200 attendees, and had product and technology display from over 106 companies from countries including India, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany and Sweden.

“IME has always been an important exhibition for us. It allows us to interact with all the customers in one location, spend time with them and take their feedback. Over the last few years, we have focused on supplying machinery in line with the technologies that have been developing in the current market scenario,” said Mr. Dhruvin Patel from Elektroteks, a leading manufacturer of mattress production machinery in Turkey.

The exhibition provided an opportunity to discover cutting-edge solutions and hear about the latest trends and news in the mattress industry. Attendees at the event saw the recent innovations in machinery, components, services and technology, while also participating in informational knowledge sessions led by the Indian Sleep Products Federation.

“IME is one of the best platforms as we get to meet clients not just from the mattress Industry but also from textiles and home furnishing divisions. So, it’s great to meet so many clients in one place,” said Mr. Bhavya Anand, of HCA & Ümit Makina.

The success of the event and the market was also endorsed by Mr. Selcuk Aslantaş and Mr. Orhan Göl from Boyteks, who said “Indian market is very exciting because it’s a huge market and is growing very fast. We are glad to be a part of this growth journey and can contribute significantly to the mattress sector with our knowledge”.

The event proved to be an excellent platform where the industry could interact in person after long, this was also echoed by exhibiting companies, “Participating at IME has been a very good and successful experience for us. We have come across a lot of new connections. It’s been very good platform, where people from different domains come together and exchange new business ideas.”, said Mr. Ibrahim from Mert Makina.

Mr. Recep Kütüklü from VK – Machinery, Veysel Kütüklü, says IME is the only exhibition in the subcontinent and has been a very extremely successful exhibition this year and will be part of this event in all the future editions also.

“IME is very important platform for us to understand the market and kind of investments happening in the Indian Mattress market. It has been a great experiencing and INDIA MATTRESSTECH is one of the best exhibitions for the mattress sector in the world,” commented Orhun Duran of Sefox Adhesives.