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Kisbu produces spunbond and fibers for the bedding industry

Export manager Mustafa Kizkin: “We produce the best quality spunbonds and fibers in the sector.”

Starting with only trading in the sector Kisbu has come to a position to produce most quality spunbonds, fibers and soft felts for the mattresses today. Mustafa Kizkin, export manager of the company, said they serve the mattress and furniture industries with their 5 factories located in Turkey and that they export 50% of their products. Underlining that they currently produced the best spunbonds and fibers Mr. Kizkin also stressed that Turkey is very much advanced in the nonwoven production. He outlined their success story:

About Kisbu

Kisbu Textile was founded in 1978 by Nedim Kisbu. From day of its establishment till now, permanently increasing the quality of products and service and adding experience, brand become the preference one in the market. Due to incessant innovative structure and better market targeting, the company could achieve this advantage. Entered to the textile industry’s sector, Kisbu TEKSTIL has started with sale of polypropylene and polyester fibers and in 1997 become the first company, presenting Spunbond Nonwoven ( nonwoven material) in Turkey. After some time, the company started to produce its materials. Thus, it both contributed to national production and provided new employment areas. Growing with its hygienic and high technology plants, KISBU serves to customer integration production with quality. During time, a high range of products was added, such as SMMS Nonwoven, Ultrasonic Quilting, Wadding Fiber. Moreover, we are importing other auxiliary products to be able to satisfy clients’ needs. Production and sales as well as customer relations and high knowledge of textile industry are the main principles KISBU shared, consistently working to get better.

Kisbu Textile’s understanding of the product and service quality:

» To satisfy our customers needs with the highest quality product and services without any difficulties. » Our quality policy is checked regularly and improved and updated according to necessity » Operation of employees, quality, customer satisfaction, teamwork and business ethic ensure the realization of responsibilities » According to customer requests and needs, we are providing our customers with goods and services they need.



Spunbond is technical fabric and produced from 100% polypropylene. Generally used in following fields: furniture, promotional bags, packaging, medical, home textile, clothes, agriculture, automotive industry, hygiene and lamination. Being 100% recyclable material, spunbond doesn’t damage environment.


Production of 100% polyester fiber is made in our factories in Istanbul and Denizli. Our production has a place in market as “Kisbu” for Istanbul production and as “Pamukkale” for Denizli production. Fiber’s field of use is rather large and each sector has its own unique requirements. Producers of home textile prefer to use silicone fiber while furniture manufacturers require wadding fiber. Kisbu Textile’s plants are equipped with the highest technology machines, allowing our company to satisfy requirements all these requirements.

Soft Felt

Used for production of interior upholstery of furniture, this product is produced from 100% polyester raw material. Generally, these materials are produced with 110g/m2, 120g/m2, 130g/m2 and 140g/m2 weight. According to request, soft felt can be made in different colors, different width, with pattern or without pattern.

Ultrasonic Quilting

Generally used with furniture and home textile, this product is produced via ultrasonic processes by combining spunbond and fibers.According to the requirements of customer, we produce this material of different thicknesses, using variant weights of spunbond and fibers. These materials can be produced as 12 different patterns under 3 groups. Embossing: Quilt without fiber in, made only of double layered material. Generally, this type is used in home textile industry. Holdall: Made of thick upper spunbond, thin lower spunbond and fiber between them. This item is generally used in home and furniture textile. Toast: Made of fiber placed between two layers of spunbond, and generally used in furniture.

Raw materials procurement and export

We buy raw materials for the production of fibers from domestic and foreign companies. We emphasize on the quality of the inputs. We deal with European companies in general for both imports and exports. 50 percent of our production is exported and the other half are sold in domestic market. Almost all manufacturers of bed in Turkey buy our products.

Research and Development

Products and production process have been subject to test at all stages and departments by our R&D team periodically. The team is also continuously evaluating the feedbacks coming from our customers. Feedbacks are mostly positive. We test and control every product during process to get supportive feedback from customers. Samples are tested in laboratory.

Turkey progressed much in nonwoven production

Turkey is the largest producer of nonwovens after China. Actually we rank at top in terms of quality production. We use % 100 original raw materials in the production, but, Chinese made products contain several chemicals. Additionally, our products are more preferable since our costs and prices have been lowered than the costs of other European countries. This makes our products more attractive.