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Lenzing Fibers: focus on the hotel industry in 2016

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TENCEL and Lenzing Modal are already used in a variety of home textile and interior applications. TENCEL, in particular, is used commercially in a plethora of applications. Applications to do with the bed are dominated by TENCEL starting with mattresses and mattress pads through to bed covers and bed linens. When used in bedding, the TENCEL fiber properties are shown off to particular advantage such as the excellent skin-sensory properties and the outstanding moisture management.

In the living area, wood, the natural and botanic raw material from which TENCEL is made, is appreciated. After all, in living spaces, naturalness, hygiene and well-being are vitally important. To pave the way for addi- tional applications for the TENCEL fiber in the home, Lenzing developed special fiber types which can be used in carpets and upholstery fabrics. The fiber’s extremely high strength profile stands TENCEL in good stead since it allows its use in these hard- wearing applications.

Above all, a luxurious sheen, intensive colors, and silky, elegant surfaces can be attained with TENCEL fibers, all of which are assets in any living area. The moisture-regulating fiber property of TENCEL benefits the indoor climate and contributes towards well-being. Wellness and Nature are hotel business trends “In numerous home applications, TENCEL has demonstrated its new and improved properties and it also has a positive impact on the individual living area. Nature and health do not only constitute a trend in private life. The hotel industry has fully embraced the trend and an increasing number of boutique hotels are already using products of TENCEL to make their guest rooms more natural, sustainable and healthy,” Susanne Jary, Home & Interiors Director at Lenzing, remarks.

“The trend in the hotel industry, Living Instead of Merely Staying Overnight, accommodates our fibers.” Jary clarifies, “Our botanic bed concept is particularly applicable. Properties like naturalness and the best sleeping comfort offer guests wellness at the highest level. Optimum sleeping comfort is also of prime importance to business travelers. The quality and functionality of the materials used to guarantee a relaxing sleep are of the utmost importance to them,” Jary explains.

The range of products of TENCEL for interior decoration are topped off with hand towels, sofas covered with TENCEL fabric and luxurious carpets. “The concept of ’botanic living’ becomes a reality with Lenzing fibers. They allow for a natural indoor climate which is completely in keeping with the current trend in the hotel industry,” Jary states.

Target group 2016: Boutique Hotels Lenzing is stepping up market activities to further expand the hotel segment for Lenzing fibers. “The goal is to attract primarily boutique hotels who value sustainability and natural, high-quality furnishings in their hotels,” Jary explains. “Boutique hotels are more independent when it comes to their purchasing decisions and can implement room concepts faster than large hotel chains,” Jary continues. Europe, especially Scandinavia, is one of the target regions for the planned market activities since sustainability and the wellness trend are particularly pronounced in the hotel industry there. TENCEL has successfully won over reputed hotel chains in the USA and the prospects are extremely promising thanks to the search for alternative, natural and bio-degradable materials for Lenzing fibers. The very first developments have already been carried out for the Asian market and these are currently in the test phase. “We are in contact with reputable hotel chains and are testing the use of special bed linens and terry toweling goods for the laundry business and converters,” Jary continues.

Series of tests show that bed linens with TENCEL satisfy requirements. Up to 100 industrial washing cycles can be reached at a washing temperature of 75°C. “We are convinced that TENCEL bedding will soon become a regular feature in the international hotel business due to its excellent sleeping properties and sustainability,” Jary concludes.

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