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Marsteks: We got the efficiency we expected from the Heimtextile Fair

Marsteks Manager Emre Şahin Yılmaz said that they got the efficiency they expected from the Heimtekstil Fair and they left the fair happily.

Yılmaz, in his evaluation to Sleep Tech magazine, expressed that Marsteks exhibited bedding fabrics and upholstery fabrics at the fair, underlined that the customers they met at the fair were generally new customers. Emre Şahin Yılmaz, expressing that Marsteks bedding fabrics are mostly in demand from Europe, mainly from Italy and England, said that bedding fabrics are highly appreciated. Emre Şahin Yılmaz, stating that they are very happy to be a participant in the world’s largest textile fair, expressed in his statement emphasizing the distinctive feature of the collection in the fair; “The most basic feature distinguishing our collection at this fair from our previous collections is that it was built on sustainability and naturalness. We believe that technology should be spent on the path of sustainability in this era where the consumption industry is at its peak. We believe that sustainability and recycling processes are essential in order to leave a better world for next generations and not to consume our limited natural resources any more. When we consider the issue in terms of human health, it is obvious that the direct use of natural substances is healthier than the use by processing. This usage considerably reduces energy consumption and waste of natural resources.”