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Mattress Production: We perceive ourselves as the central platform for the Turkish mattress industry ecosystem

Mattress Production Sales Director Recep Kütüklü said that they aim to be the number 1 supplier of mattress manufacturers all around the globe the next 10 years.

Could you briefly describe Mattress Production’s vision for 2024?

The Leader in Steel Wire for the Mattress Industry

The year 2024 holds significant promise for ‘Mattress Production.’ With our primary strength lying in steel wire, our goal is to reach the largest volume for steel wire in Turkey.
With our extensive experience in this field, we have taken significant steps and will continue to pushing our boundaries further to reach the highest volume in the category steel wire in Europe and all around the world.

Unrivaled Quality, the Widest Range of Mattress Materials

While we offer the widest range of mattress materials, our commitment extends beyond only having the full variety. Our main focus is to delivering the highest quality standards coupled with most competitive pricing level.

Our principle is to offer top-quality products to the largest companies with ten manufacturing plants and also individual mattress makers crafting their products in a garage.

We have begun working with the largest mattress companies worldwide, which produce the highest numbers of mattresses in their countries.

What changes are you planning to make in the product range in 2024?

The Future of The Mattress Industry is More Natural

The future trends toward natural materials in mattress manufacturing. While many mattress manufacturer are still not understanding the combination of horsehair and mattresses, our focus in 2024 intensifies on educating and empowering mattress makers to explore the potentials of natural materials such as horsehair, camel hair, wool, coconut coir, hemp, cotton and other fillings. Natural fillings will take center stage in the mattresses of tomorrow.

Revolutionizing Zigzag Spring Technology

In 2024, we will launch our first machine category in cooperation with our German partner.
It will be a zigzag spring machine for the sofa industry. Currently, there exists no high-quality solution for these machines. Soon, it will emerge as the leading technology for producing zigzag springs (also known as no-sag springs or sinuous springs) within the sofa industry. This machine will replace the current technology on the market, which has low quality and inefficiency. As the use of zigzag springs steadily increases in the furniture industry, this machine marks an important step for companies already supplying pocket and bonnell springs. Introducing zigzag springs will allow them to expand into a new category of springs.

Champion in Durability: Spare Parts for Spring Machines

We provide the longest-lasting spare parts for spring machines used in Swiss, Italian, and Chinese pocket and bonnell spring machines. Our goal is to further develop this category, ensuring durability for all companies operating spring machines in their production.
It’s important for everyone to understand that they make enormous savings by using higher-quality spare parts manufactured with 75 years of expertise.

Pioneering Innovation in Mattress Machinery

We are constantly striving to attain the most advanced technology for mattress manufacturing companies. We have numerous projects in progress concerning mattress production technology, but forming the right partnerships and introducing a new quality standard in mattress machinery to our industry will take time.

In which fairs will you take part as an exhibitor in Turkey and abroad?

Global Presence at Exhibitions

We will have our team present at all industry-related exhibitions all around the globe. We are planning to exhibit at Mattresstech India, where we have already an excellent network within the mattress industry. Additionally, we’re preparing for attending the Sleep Expo Europe, a new exhibition co-hosted with Utech in Maastricht, Netherlands. In this exhibition we aim to strengthen partnerships, especially in the Netherlands and Germany. This year, the Interzum Forum Italy will be held for the first time, and we are set to participate in this exhibition to further cultivate partnerships not only in Italy but also in surrounding countries.

Are there any new markets abroad that you plan to enter? Which ones?

Venturing into New Markets

We plan to develop our collaboration in the markets of New Zealand and Australia. Entering these markets is challenging due to time zone differences. We aim to establish a presence with a strong partner in this region with an extensive experience in the mattress industry.

What kind of a path do you plan to follow in the field of advertising, marketing and public relations in the new year?

Empowering Through Strong Partnerships

Our strength lies in partnerships. With 10 active partners worldwide representing our brand locally, our vision involves expanding this network to 25 partners globally, establishing the most extensive ecosystem of mattress materials. Our roadmap for the new year emphasizes the power of collaboration and strategic alliances.

How do you position Mattress Production in the Turkish mattress supplier industry?

Building Turkey’s Mattress Industry Ecosystem

We are creating an ecosystem for the mattress industry with the support of Turkey, the fastest-growing economy in the mattress industry. Our significant advantage lies in having the largest portfolio of partners across Turkey. We perceive ourselves as the central platform for the Turkish mattress industry ecosystem. Our wholesale capabilities enable us to offer prices lower than other manufacturing companies, thanks to our extensive volumes. This makes collaboration with us an advantage for all parties.

Dealing with many companies can be challenging for foreign mattress companies, so we are the only company which offering the widest range of mattress materials from one source.

We stand out as the all-in-one solutions partner with a variety of materials, which can be combined and delivered in trucks or containers. This offers mattress manufacturers the flexibility to place smaller orders across specific categories.

With the support of Turkey’s rapidly growing ecosystem, our ambition is to be the number one supplier for the mattress industry within the next 10 years.