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Meram at the service of mattress manufacturers with woven and knitted tapes

The company has been serving narrow woven bands and knitted elastic bands, mattress tapes and handles to bed & sitting groups.

Meram Narrow Woven Company has been manufacturing narrow woven and knitted products since 1968. Meram has moved to its new modern production facilities built on 5000 m2 equipped with state of the art technology in Istanbul.

The company was established by Ali Celalettin Gurlemez in 1968. It’s come as a family business from grandfather to grandchild. Mattress tape production has been improved professionally as a family tradition; it’s still being improved by the latest technology. Now the second generation Hasan Metin Gurlemez, the son of the founder, together with the third generation grandson Aykut Gurlemez have been successfully continuing the business. The company has been serving narrow woven bands and knitted elastic bands, mattress tapes and handles to bed & sitting groups, from 20mm to 15cm with 200,000 mt/day capacity which makes the company the leader and the market maker in the Turkish market.

Woven mattress tapes and knitted tapes are used in mattress production. Tapes widths are 20, 22, 28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 42, 48 mm and can be made in any assortment of colors and special orders.

“Meram has developed itself day by day and we perform sales activities to many countries worldwide like Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, England, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Spain, France and Arabian Countries,” says Aykut Gurlemez. “We manufacture an assortment of specialized tapes in various colors and designs. These tapes are specially constructed for providing a perfect fit between the bindings and the mattress fabric. These tapes can also be customized in terms of designing, weaving and dimensions as per individual requirements,” Gurlemez briefed.