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Milkay Tekstil, “a smart choice!”

Established in 1996 Milkay regains 90 thousand tons of textile waste to the economy in a year and produces felts and shoulder padding used in the spring mattresses, spring sofas, furniture, automotive and isolation industries. Having a daily felt production capacity of 150 tons the company has been continuing to do its best to be the number-one in its field.
Stating that “Our future depends on the satisfaction of our customers”, Mr.
Tahir Nursacan, General Manager of Milkay asserts that they were struggling to achieve the best of this goal. We made an interview with Mr. Nursacan and received exciting answers:

May we know you briefly?
Milkay has founded in 1994. We still continue our production operations, especially on furniture sector and automotive, White goods, construction sectors. Milkay provides felt for these markets as a family Corporation.

Could you give some information about Milkay?
In Milkay’s foundation it has Italian shares. So Milkay is created by first three letters of MILANO and KAYSERI. Since 1994 the year which Milkay is established, it contributes to developing of the sectors which Milkay supplies for them. Our company creates its strategies correspondingly to
expanding of sectors and our efficiency in foreign markets, in the light of these strategies our company is to be reached its 8th production line with our newest line which will be completed during this year. Milkay Teknik Tekstil San. As. which is producing 55.000 tons of felt products per year is one of the biggest felt producers in Turkey, Middle-East and Europe.n addition to this, it is particularly used in sub-industry of automotive. We are currently supplying for some companies in this sector, yet we are not in the level that exactly we would like to be. However, within the scope of our 5 years strategic plans, there is one production facility is predicted in a place which is located close to automotive sector intensively operates in. We are always following the developments of sector on this subject.

As concerns Insulation; felts are both to be in use as voice and heat material and also as a separator material in order to divide to layers. According to this it’s also used in construction and carpet sectors.

What kind of materials are you obtaining while you are producing felts and waddings? Are you importing something also?
Our company is carrying two main activities out. First; we are treating 90.000 tons of textile wastes and we are contributing them to the economy in every year. Second; with our 55.000 tons of capacity per year, we are producing the felts and waddings for Innerspring Mattresses, Innerspring sofas, furniture and Insulation sector. Our raw materials are textile wastes. We are buying most of these wastes from traders in Istanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep and Usak. We are also importing some materials on a limited scale.

How are you improving your products? What are your R&D workings?

In the workings of developing new products; making a market a research, defining the requirements of sector and make a decision on developing new product is the main principal. Thus we are realizing all phases from designing new product to the first production. Our R&D department is also making required developments and amendments on the present products and those are given to the production department without any problem and then to the customers.

How do you contribute textile wastes to the economy?
It is hard to explain that how much we are happy and proud of due to contributing 90.000 tons of textile wastes per year by ourselves. In order to make this operation more professional, we are making a new investment in Bor/Nigde with a new company as AKMINA Makine Teknik Textile. When construction is done, we will be began to treat more textile wastes with newest and highest technology. Our main purpose in this facility is providing our needs, for producing 55.000 tons of felt, as half finished products and also sells this
half finished products to the market.

What are your export markets?
We are exporting our goods to especially Middle-East, Asia, Europe, Balkans and America. According to our  2012 data’s we have exported our goods over 50 countries.

How much your production, export and domestic sales capacities?
Our production capacity is 55.000 tons per year. We are selling 60% of our production to the domestic market and 40% of that is for export sales.

Could you give us some information about your new investments?
During 2013, we will start up our new 8th line. And 2014 we are planning to add one more line and we with this we are aiming to have 9 lines till at the end of 2014. We are also investing in recycling-pulling facility in Bor/Nigde. We have bought a quite big land and we’ll have 15.000 sqm closed area, construction is continuing and the facility we will be started during this year. Besides we are also following foreign investment opportunities.

What would you like to tell us for the end?
We give a lot of importance to the corporate identity. Either in Turkey or foreign markets, we would like to show to our business partners that we are presenting a respectful company culture both to environment and humanity. We are expecting to be seen that what could be done by economic acquisition from recycling