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Mitsan invests in elastic foam production

“Foam mattresses will be preferred more in about ten years”, says Mustafa Cetinbulut, chairman of Mitsan company which produces foam, felt and mattresses. He informed about his company.

On kinds of foams produced

We produce foams in various densities, viscoelastic and common foams. Density of foam is a good measure of product quality. We have different type of foams for different needs, softer, harder, more or less comfort.

Manufacturers was thinking that viscon was a fad

We began to produce visco elastic products. The interest in this product has recently begun to increase. It was thought as a fad. Now, it has a good share in market and it still grows. Foam mattresses will be demanded more in the future. Its labor costs are less when the product was sown. Companies like us will expand their markets more. By now, foam mattresses were more costly than spring kinds. The costs are down. I expect that in ten years share of foam products will be higher. It has serious share in European markets including France and Germany, as was the case for latex products.

What are the differences between them in Turkey and in the world?

Source of raw materials is important. We import them from Europe. In this regard the situation is the same in Turkey as in Europe. It is also depends on marketing efforts of the producers. Both sides sell their arguments. They were made of different raw materials. We produce MDI base visco elastic foam products. This is softer than that and more comfortable. Customers liked the sense of touch in our products. In short, there are no meaningful difference between Turkey and Europe. Europeans have advantages of proximity to raw material source.

On innovativeness in visco beds

There are many opportunities to develop new solution using visco gels. However they are costly and used in upper segment products. We emphasize on our supply capacity. Products targeting to A class customers produce more profit for distributors.

On exports

We deliver felt and foams to about 30 countries, especially to those in North Africa. We have other target markets, to replace ones in the neighboring region. Markets are more transparent now. Price stability, product quality and services are important. We keep an eye on farther markets to expand our coverage.