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Natural Components in a Mattress


Natural mattresses are one step ahead of other mattresses in terms of health. Made of selected and organic materials, natural mattresses stand out with their comfort and luxury features.

Courtesy of Cozypure

Only the finest organic cotton, pure wool, and non-syntheic natural rubber is used in our handcrafted organic mattresses and bedding accessories. Natural organic fibers breathe, producing a healthy environment for rejuvination and rest. Our high quality craftsmanship produces a cozy sleep system, while our natual, organic materials incorporate the purity your body craves while resting. Together these two important factors equal one thing: CozyPure Organic Bedding.

Cotton batting has been around for centuries. It was the fiber of choice generations ago, before the introduction of cheap chemical foams. This durable fiber offers strength, durability and support that lasts for years. Foams break down, off-gas and lose support over time. On the other hand, natural fiber batting, such as organic cotton, will compress and get firmer. After a few years, some people add pure wool or rubber pillowtops for added cushioning.

Natural “Green” Cotton – This term can be quite confusing. We found that many consumers think this is organic! Actually, “Green” Cotton is “natural” cotton — conventionally grown (just like standard cotton), however, it’s not treated in the end-process. Our mattresses and bedding accessories are NOT made with this cotton. We use only certified organic cotton in our sleep systems.

Certified Organic Cotton is the absolute most pure form of cotton available today. It contains no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers during it’s cultivation and has no added chemicals or preservatives (such as formaldehyde) in the processing. It’s a premium cotton that’s pure and clean – soft and beautiful.

Filling and upholstery. We use only organic cotton for both! Inside we hand-nest full batts of organic cotton for it’s comfort and strength, but we also encase our organic mattresses (and all our organic bedding) within a soft, yet durable, certified organic cotton woven damask (or sateen or twill – depending on the product). It’s essential to have the outer shell made of organic cotton since this is the first layer to allow the inside of the bed to “breathe” (that benefit would be lost entirely in a mattress covered with shiny synthetic material).

Pure Wool is found in the most luxurious mattresses around the world. Even the Queen of England’s bed is crafted using natural fibers – wool included! Using wool in a sleep system makes sense to our health. It wicks away moisture, helps maintain your body temperature, and acts as a natural flame retardant. Its bouyant springiness retains its resiliency for a nesting comfort that cradles your body and helps relieve pressure point discomfort. People who suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia prefer our wool pillowtops to relieve aches. There are so many benefits for using CozyPure wool! Visit our Pure Wool section to read more.

Allergy sufferers prefer CozyPure natural bedding. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Natural fibers breathe. Dust mites thrive in a moist environment. Our natural bedding fibers allow perspiration to evaporate, which keeps your sleep system dry and clean. Synthetic bedding soaks up nightly moisture (we lose about a pint each night), and of course the mites love those conditions. Wool is essential as the first layer beneath the mattress covering, as the wool will wick away the perspiration. In addition to pure wool, natural rubber is also a wonderful choice because its naturally resistant to dust mites, as well as molds and mildews. Our most popular mattress for allergy sufferers is a rubber mattress core wrapped in wool with a quilted organic cotton cover ticking. Some people add a wool pillowtop for extra cushioning.

Natural Latex Rubber. We use natural latex rubber which is dense and supportive, yet gently yielding to the body with it’s dynamic contouring ability. Unlike memory foam which is derived from plastics, it doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals, nor does it have that heavy, “dead” feeling. Naturally resistant to moisture, dust, mold, mildew and bacteria, CozyPure natural rubber is an excellent choice for people with allergies. We don’t use fillers in our rubber, and we don’t glue pieces together to create the core, which is approximately six inches. Unfortunately, manufacturers and retailers can claim their latex rubber mattresses are “natural”, even if 70% is comprised of synthetic chemicals. Visit our Natural Rubber” section to learn more information and FAQ’s about this great natural bedding material.

Chemical Sensitivities. Many people who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) find they can tolerate bedding made from natural and organically-grown materials. We are not medical practitioners, so unfortunately we can’t guarantee our products to “heal and cure” MCS, however, over the past ten years we have developed a strong following within the MCS circles. We always recommend that anyone with high sensitivities purchase a travel pillow with the ingredients they wish to test. If you can tolerate sleeping on the pillow (right there next to your face), then chances are very good that a mattress constructed with the same materials will work well. Alternatively, you can request an “Organic Bedding Kit” with small sample size swatches of our materials.

No nasty PBDE’s. Unless the manufacturer has the ability to craft the mattress using wool to pass the fire code tests (which we do), all mattresses must be treated with PBDE fire retardants by federal law. California recently passed a new code in 2005 which requires more than two pounds of PBDE’s for a standard queen mattress. Everyday we hear more research and studies showing the dangers of PBDE’s and their links to cancer, the nervous system and breathing problems. In Europe, PBDE’s have been banned, yet in America we continue to use more. Why can’t we embrace more European values and use nature’s materials to promote health and wellness? More than likely it’s the higher costs involved to produce a luxury “old world” mattress. Too many big-brand companies cut corners for big profits, filling mattresses the size of mountains with low quality foam and covered in shiny fabrics. We realize that a CozyPure mattress may cost a little more, but it really does come down to the fact that you get what you pay for: Quality, Comfort, and Materials. You spend 1/3 of your lifetime sleeping on your mattress. That’s a LOT of time. We believe it should be a pleasurable, safe and healthy experience… that’s why we created CozyPure natural bedding.

Eco-Friendly Natural materials are renewable and sustainable so we don’t deplete our resources. They’re also biodegradable and have natural enzymes that allow the natural fibers to breakdown.

According to “Microbial processes in the degradation of fibers”, by P.M. Fedorak, University of Alberta: Natural fibers like wool and cotton are broken down through biotic process. Microorganisms have evolved enzymes that attack key bonds in these natural polymers, thereby releasing monomers that can be used as carbon and energy sources for microbial growth. In contrast, microorganisms lack enzymes to break down many synthetic fibers, thus these materials persist and accumulate in the environment.