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Nerteks expands machine inventory

Nerteks empowers its production capacity by expanding machine inventory

Muhammed Said Erdoğan - Owner of NerteksA supplier of stitching yarn for the Turkish mattress industry, Nerteks invests more in 2017 in addition to earlier moves. Proprietor of the company Muhammed Said Erdogan emphasized on the importance of yarns in the quality of mattresses. He expressed his satisfaction about the results they got in 2016. He said, “This year was so good for us. We signed new contracts in the country and in abroad and our sales were high. We are happy. nerteks1However, there were some financial problems as they are valid for other companies. When we overcome this hurdle, we will prepare sound plans.”

“Our expectations for the year 2017 are higher than before. We plan to have new machinery to complement the series and to increase our production  power even more. On the other hand, we are reviewing our manufacturing processes and production performances to improve our product quality even more. I wish a profitable new year to all companies.”


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