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Newtech: India is one of the target market countries  

Newtech Company Owner Abdullah Akgöz made evaluations and predictions about the fair before the India Matresstech Fair.

Akgöz, in an interview with Sleep Tech magazine, remarking that the Indian market is both large in terms of population and a virgin and open to foreign trade in terms of the mattress supplier industry, stated that the India Mattresstech Fair will make a very positive contribution to both Newtech and the country’s export volume.

What are your expectations from India Mattresstech Fair?

We can express that our expectations from the India Mattresstech Fair are primarily that it is to promote our company and to increase the awareness of our brand by emphasizing that our company is also in the market. We will do our best to make hot sale. We hope to return to our country by making hot sales.

How did you prepare for the fair as Newtech? Can you mention your collections that will be showcased at the fair?

Although we, as Newtech, are participating in the fair for the first time, we have detailed knowledge and experience about the fair. India is one of the target market countries for 2023 and 2024 as a country. It is one of the most important reasons why we decided to participate in the fair. Since it was our first participation in the fair, we decided to participate without exhibiting the machine.

What effect will the fair have on Newtech exports? Can we get your predictions?

We hope that the fair will be productive. We are convinced that we will meet new contacts will contribute positively to the sales and exports of our company. India is a huge market. It is a country with the second largest population in the world in terms of population, so we think that a possible sale that will take place at the fair will continue to increase by opening the door to our sales to this country in the future.

What kind of impact do you expect the exhibition to have on the Turkish mattress components industry?

Many companies which have been operating in the mattress components industry from our country participate in the India Mattresstech fair. That the number of participants is high will be effective in terms of customer engagement, we believe that this will definitely increase the sales figures and it will positively affect the country’s economy. Now we wish good luck to all participants.