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Octaspring® , a revolutionary collection from Dormeo

“I knew there had to be a better spring and we finally developed a unique 3 dimen sion al spring which can move in dependently and in unison supporting the body like no other product. The 8 sided honeycomb design was the key to give the comfort, supportand ventilation I had been after all those years.”  – Designer Willy Poppe

London-based specialty mattress producer Dormeo Octaspring has been selling its collection of mattresses and other sleep products such as pillows and tops in various parts of the world including Turkey. It’s all memory foam but the springs are different density memory foam as solid foam. The mattresses are extremely comfy. The Flexible Octaspring® Comfort is not about how soft a mattress is but about how it supports your body. The design of Octaspring® is 3 dimensional, in both shape and functionality. Octaspring® is made from high-tech foam which adjusts and moves with the body without the contra pressure. Memory foam cradles the body for great support but can be hot and humid. The revolutionary honeycomb construction actively exchanges the air inside the mattress keeping the mattress cool and comfortable.

The claim arose from designer Willy Poppe: “For years mattresses have been made two ways: With metal springs. Or, more recently, with memory foam. Springs give great ventilation to keep you feeling fresh. But pressure points can mean discomfort and disturbed sleep. With memory foam you’re cradled but a lack of airflow can leave you feeling hot and humid.” Poppe had a flash of inspiration over above claim: “What about a spring made of memory foam?”

That’s how Octaspring® was born. Poppe takes pride: “With all the advantages of both technologies and none of the drawbacks, sleeping on memory foam springs offers the most comfortable night imaginable.”

“ We make Octasprings in various levels of firmness to match the different dynamics of the human body. In our development laboratory, extensive pressure mapping is used to determine spring firmness and placement, so each individual Octaspring® works independently and collectively to rest the body in the perfect state for smooth blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and agile vertebra alignment. The springs are built into layers and these layers work together providing ultimate comfort and support like no other,” say the innovative technical staff of Dormeo.

The Octaspring® Promise: You’ll fall asleep faster, you’ll sleep deeper and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed. That’s what sleeping on the next generation of mattresses means. That’s the difference Octaspring® makes.”

The Collection
Your bed is your sanctuary. The place you escape to. Where you refresh and renew. Where you dream. The more comfortable you are in your bed, the more completely you will recharge to face the world anew.

Dormeo Octaspring® offers ultimate comfort across four different mattresses. In each one, 3 dimensional springs of differing firmness are arranged to provide the perfect level of support, flexibility and resistance across your sleeping body for a healthy and restful sleep.

Octaspring® 8500
Octaspring’s deepest most luxurious mattress containing 3 layers of Octasprings: the bottom layer provides a supportive foundation, the middle layer consists of 5 individual support zones that match a body’s weight distribution, with a plush memory foam spring zoned layer on top. The feeling is pure comfort.

Octaspring® 8000
The most versatile and popular mattress of the company. The 8000 has it all: 3 zones of memory foam springs on top of 5 support zones designed for the varying support needs of your head, shoulders, hips, pelvis, legs and calves. These rest on a layer of medium Octasprings for cushioning support. You can eliminate body stress and wake up feeling refreshed.

Octaspring® 6500
The 6500 has all the benefits of the 8000 range with two, instead of three layers of Octa springs. 3 zone s of memory foa m springs: soft memory foam for your head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips. These rest on a layer of medium Octasprings for cushioning support. Tests show the comfort a nd support ba la nce of the mattress ensures you sleep deeper for longer.

Octaspring® 5500
For those who like the fe e l of a traditiona l high-end memory foam mattress but don’t want the heat and humidity. The open honeycomb de signe d Octa springs sit on top of a sturdy ba se of bre a thable Eco-cell®. 3D a ir-me sh side s a llow the memory foam to bre a the . No sweat. Sleep comfortably.

Innova tive Ventilation
Without a de qua te ve ntila tion, the sleep surface gets hot, causing you to perspire. Not only does the heat and humidity disturb your sle e p but a lso over a short period of time will cause a traditional mattress to start to break down, discolour and encourage mites and micro-organisms, a ma jor cause of allergies. The unique Octa spring® ventilation system provides a constant a irflow – body movements force sta le humid a ir out through the spe cia lly designed mesh sides of the mattress, drawing fre sh a ir ba ck in – providing a fre sh he a lthy sleep surface night after night giving the whole mattress tha t ‘cle an she e ts’ fe e ling.

Plush Octaspring® Memory
Made from Octaspring® memory foam, this revolutiona ry spring a cts a s cradling your body in complete comfort. Each individual Octa spring® dynamica lly conforms to the contours and movements of the body in all sleeping positions. Octa spring® mattresses eliminate pressure points and a lways stay cool, meaning you fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep and wake up fe e ling re fre shed.

Tested Durability
Octa spring’s innova tive de sign mainta ins its resilience and compression, ensuring long la sting comfort a nd support. Octa spring® mattresses a re stringently tested in independent laboratories to deliver a mattress that will continue to perform for de ca de s. The te sting include s re pe a te dly a pplying hundre ds of pounds of pressure on the edges and sleep surface. Remarkably, even after 60,000 re pe titions, simula ting 20 years of use , the Octa spring® still
performs virtually like new. You can rest assured that your Octaspring® is built to last.

Octaspring® Essentials
Ultimate nighttime comfort doesn’t end at your mattress. The right pillow can make a world of diffe re nce to how soundly you sle ep. So Octa spring® te chnology a lso extends into pillows and even mattress toppers so you can bene fit from this innova tion beyond the ma ttre ss itse lf.

Octaspring® Bed
Topper Collection
Even if you’re not quite ready for a new mattress you can transform an ordinary bed to give you the extra comfort and support of Octa spring®. Using the same break through technology, in Octaspring® mattress topper seach individual Octaspring® works inde pe nde ntly a nd colle ctively to support the body in the perfect state , for smooth blood circulation, re la xa tion of muscle s a nd spine a lignment no ma tte r how lumpy the be d you put it on is.

Innova tive Ventilation
Octaspring® Toppers have open sided 3D air-mesh sides which allow constant a irflow keeping you cool and comforta ble a ll night

Eco Footprint Commitme nt of Octa spring®
Octa spring’s innovative de sign and te chnologies are consistent with the 21st century’s responsible approach towards the environment and its natural resources. The company set an eco objective for the production proce ss to a chieve a t le a st a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The implementation of its “Octa Ecoprint” strategy over a chieved the objective and reached a 30-40% reduction in CO2 emissions. Octaspring’s manufacturing process and materials have been measured to be 100% more environment friendly than the conventional spring mattress and at least 25% more than the closest foam mattress competitor.

All materials used in Octaspring® products are recyclable. We continue to look for and test new me thods and materials consistent with our continuing commitment to cause less impact on our environment.