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Ozdemir Group poised for better quality

Erdal Ozdemir: “We will always do our best to offer better products and services. To enjoy the peace and feeling of customers is closely related to the quality of the materials used in that product.”

Combining quality materials and painstaking efforts Ozdemir Malzeme has a mission to develop and serve better materials for the producers. Mr. Erdal Ozdemir, proprietor of the company, says, “We always label our signature on every product of our company with a big pride and we will continue doing so.” We made an exclusive interview with Mr. Ozdemir. Full text of the interview follows:
Could you tell us about Form Foam’s activities since establishment? 

A quarter century ago Ozdemir Group, starting its commercial life with paint used in the furniture industry and chemical products, expanded range of products by adding forest products in 90’s .In parallel with the industry growth rate with an investment in Kayseri Organized Industrial in 2000 in addition to paint and forest products from felt to bonnel spring units, from fiber to spunbonded nonwoven, from foam to staples and hundreds products like them are offered to customers with Ozdemir Group’s quality. Ozdemir Group adding the identity of the manufacturer by producing new products for different sectors like Especially in the furniture sector, food, agricultural, automotive, machine today continues to be active in a total area of 120,000 square meters including 75,000 square-meter indoor  area.Ozdemir Group shaping quality standarts with the machine park improved in Ozdemir Group, the importance given to R & D activities,technology investments getting bigger has been serving business partners with its over 200 workers Ozdemir Group that is active with awareness of the responsibility for being the leading organization in the sector is getting bigger with its continuously developing production techniques, suppliers using the sources as effectively as they can do, customers and workers that are sensitive to environment in a national and international arena in which stakeholders are satisfied, management approach is open to development.

As our marketing company, our face in the market is Ozdemir Malzemecilik aiming to serve to our customer in domestic and international market with the best conditions by supplying products the sector needs besides the goods manufactured in our manufacturing companies. In 2004, we founded the production facility of gas springs production with the Flexlift brand in order to supply the lack of gas spring of sectors such as especially furniture and mattress machinery. In a short time Flexlift gas springs, reaching a production capacity of 350,000 units per month by giving
value to the research and development activities, caught the standards of the world with its quality and this success was confirmed with the quality documents, TSE and TUV EN ISO 9001:2000 and made the quality of sector success higher.

We are also producing gray and spiral cardboard for the sector since 2006 with Ozka and Karmusan brand names, It has also started to produce Packaging nylon since 2011., Our firm, producing
printed and unprinted shrink, straight, balloon, and sandwich nylon As roll and as bag, has a capacity of 900 tons for per month. The mixing of Plastic waste products with nature lasts too much. That’s why Ozka knowing that the recycling of plastic products are important both for economy and environmental awareness added recycling facility to its company.
Our firm, with the Ozyay Brand, in addition to producing of bonnel spring units, bonnel coils used in the production of sofa, sofabed, mattress, sells steel wire also and its founded in 2006.By increasing efficiency of Production, we tried to accommodate the conditions that change every time among firms, reduce consumption cost for freight, shorter delivery deadlines to make customers please since its foundation and we are going on making investment for the human sources and machine park.

We combined Our experiences in sales for over 25 years with the staff devoting themselves to narrow webbing in 2007 under the name of Ozde Textile. We combined them in a structure that we follow technology and quality closely as a way of life. In the framework of Investments in machinery and automation, in a short time we produce products that are wanted in sectors and you can find quality in each square foot of mattress edge tapes including many sorts of design and color alternatives. Also We are serving to our customer with our high quality foam adhesive with the name “simeks” and staples with the name “flexline”. We devote ourselves to serve for all needs of our customers.

Which industries do you supply products to?  

Besides dealing with supplying hundreds of raw materials the customers need to, Ozdemir Group produces gas spring, bonnel spring, nylon packaging, cardboard, staples, foam adhesives and mattress edge tape with our high quality and technological machines to be able to give the best service to our customers.

Do you have Imports?
We are using 100% Turkish origin raw materials for our productions. To catch the best quality in production, we are care about choosing the best raw material suppliers such as Petkim for Packing nylon.

Do you have an R&D department? What are your R&D processes?

Our each production companies have their own R&D departments to improve our products quality and design. Following closely the developments of the mattress sector, our all companies work for to be a part of these developments.

Which countries do you export to?
As Ozdemir Group we have our name known in 5 continents 50 countries including England, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Cameron, Guinea, Ethiopia, Romania, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

What are your manufacturing, export
and domestic sales capacities? 

With our manufacturing facilities with day by day expanding capacities, we are producing 350.000 pieces gas springs as “flexlift”, 5.000.000 meter mattress tape as “formteks”, 500 tons bonnel spring as “Ozyay”, with the name Ozka and Karmusan, we are producing 1000 tons packing nylon and 500 tons gray and spiral cardboards and 30 tons foam adhesive as “Simeks” in per month. We are serving our customers with 60% of our production in domestic market and %40 of our production in international market.

Could you tell us more about your new
We gave start to founding a new production facility for packing nylon for food sector in 7500 sqm closed area with 3 million dollar investment and we are planning to make it ready to production in 5 months. Planning to export nearly 50% of our all production in this year, our main aim is to reach much more people in the world.

Do you have any additional comments
for our readers?

As Ozdemir Group, we always give our bests to create customer please and
we are reaching more and more mattress producer in the world day by day. With this manner we are continuously expanding our production capacity while following the last technology for our other productions, being the one who create the new trends rather than being the following one.