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Sefa Kimya known as SEFOX Adhesives – Turkeys biggest adhesive manufacturer

s27Operating in the adhesives sector since 1972, Sefa Kimya, famous for its brand name SEFOX, has grown and become a well-known company in Turkey and about 30 countries all over the world. Mr. Ramazan Celik, general manager of SEFOX outlined their operations and the company as follows:

SEFOX’s vision for 2023 and review of 2014

At the beginning of this year, one of our goals for 2014 was to further expand. After passing the first half of 2014, we can proudly say that we have achieved great things, and are therefore coming even closer to our SEFOX Vision for 2023.

What is SEFOX’s vision for 2023

We are on a good way to become the number-1 adhesive producer in Europe by 2023. We will be a sought after brand on the market. Beside the European market, we actually export to 40 countries, and until 2023 we will extend this to 100 countries in 5 continents. In the meantime, we will expand our turnover to 100 million dollars.

Expansion of sectors

Amongst our existing costumers, very strong and many new sectors are represented. Our aim is to become the leading supplier for the textile, packaging, sanitary, auto – motive, shoe and medical- sectors. All of these major works cannot be accomplished without depart – ments with good structure. It is very important for us to have strong R&D and sales teams.

Focusing on Hotmelt – Why?

Sefox Hotmelt is one of the best adhesives in Europe. It has adhe – sion strength, high heat resistance and filamentous property. It offers long-lasting trouble-free bonding experience to users. Sefox Hotmelt is suitable not only for manual application but also for automated application.

Adventages of Sefox Hotmelt

One of the main advantages is the solvent –free feature of Hotmelt. Hence, it does not pollute the environment and eliminates the risk of fire as it is not harmful to human health. Working with Hotmelt is also hygienic, smokeless and odorless It speeds up the production of automated systems due to strong bonding properties on first grip. Furthermore, Hotmelt is 100% solid substance thus it prolongs the shelf life and it provides easy storage. It provides excellent adhesion to rough surfaces by padding during the application. Hotmelt allows working at all weather conditions without any problems because it is not affected by weather conditions. Our Product range includes Polyolefin, SIS and EVA -based Hotmelts.

Waterbased adhesive

Besides the different Hotmelt types we have a wide range of solvent-based adhesives. The demand for water-based adhesives is high. We will satisfy this demand; therefore our R&D team is working on SEFOX water-based adhesives. Our goal for the first half of the year 2015 is to bring SEFOX water-based adhesives on the market.