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Sleep WELL Expo-Istanbul growing fast

s44From machinery to chemicals, mattress production lines, raw materials, accessories, components and all about sleep products industry… Sleep Well Expo Istanbul will host all of them at Istanbul Trade Center. After the successful premiere of the fair in 2014, it was scheduled to be at the same venue but instead of 2 halls and the big foyer, there will be an extra hall at the second edition, October 22-25, 2015.

There are only a few exhibitions dedicated only to the sleep products industry in the world. There is only one in a big geography covering Turkey, Balkans, East Europe, former Soviet Block countries and Middle East. It is in Istanbul titled “Sleep Well Expo” organized by Voli Fuar and supported by Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines. The Turkish sleep products industry has been prospering fast at all aspects from mattress to machinery, from pillows to quilts, from box spring to headboards. It adapts the latest trends and technologies. As the Turkish housing construction sector developing very fast and the population is growing faster, new houses are being built at a tremendous number and the need for filling these houses is growing considerably. Sleep products are among the basic needs of these needs.

The industry has been growing also in line with the living conditions of people on the one hand; it has been growing in line with people being more conscious for better sleep products on the other. The organizer has started to sell spaces and many exhibitors rebooked their stands including Boyteks, Form Sunger, Boycelik, BRN, Allbeco, Milkay, Sefox, Nerteks, Siteks, Stilo Yatak, Kirayteks, Latexco, Tempo Yatak, Mavera Kimya, Feryal Fermuar, Dogus Ofset, Kayteks, Ersan Madeni Esya, Elit Medikal, Polya Yatak, Giz Grup, Jakarteks, Niron Yatak, Pomax, MKR Tekstil, Palmflex, SPM Sunger, Umit Makina, Elektroteks, Katermak, ISM Makina, Onur Kapitone and many more…

As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO is a show bringing mattress main industry, sub-industry, machinery and components industry professionals together. The fair is an excellent platform to launch and to see the latest technologies, innovative products and latest collections. To be held on October 22-25, 2015, the fair was introduced in 2014 and the premiere edition was welcomed very well by the industry. The show brings all professionals of the sleep products industry together and visitors come from all parts of the world especially from the neighboring countries. The fair attracted especially the interest of those world brands who want to sell to the Turkish market, and those who want to invest in and penetrate into Turkish market.

The CEOs of the world mattress industry, top officials, purchasing managers, manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign representatives and dealers all attend the fair. The Sleepwell Expo Show embraces and brings all collaborators of the sector together. It is a real trade platform for all branches including the main industry, the supply industry, machinery and equipment industrialists. As the only specialty fair in its field in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo has been an ideal venue for the whole industry in its 2014 premiere edition with the participation of 67 exhibitors of which 8 were foreigners and 5,171 visitors. Turkey is en emerging and stabile market with its fast growing population, advantageous location and developing economy.

The mattress industry, mattress machinery and equipment are among the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. The developments experienced in the sector and the innovations, the collaboration among industrialists are the important factors motivating the improvement of the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey. All these positive developments urged a fair in the industry and that’s how SLEEPWELL EXPO” show was born. It is held at the opposite side of Istanbul’s most famous international airport, Ataturk International Airport from where you can get the exhibition grounds in a few minutes. It is almost very clear that the fair will be one of the strongest fairs in the bedding industry worldwide in the very near future. The industry imports a lot, too. Turkey is a good market for machinery, some types of mattresses and raw materials. The first and only fair dedicated to the sleep products industry in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO ISTANBUL was held April 17-20, 2014 and recorded a huge success which almost all industry professionals applause.

s45 Now the second edition of the fair is shaping up. Over 70% of exhibitors have already booked their spaces according to the officials of Voli Fair Organization, the organizers of the show. The fair was scheduled to be at the same venue but instead of 2 halls and the big foyer, there will be an extra hall at the second edition, October 22-25, 2015. Stating that the fair attracted a great deal of interest from domestic market and by companies from different countries, Omer Faruk Gorun, Project Manager of Sleep Well Expo outlined, “Sleep Well Expo covers the mattress main industry, sub industry, machinery and equipment. The venue of this important fair is Istanbul Expo Center, which is exactly facing the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. When an exhibitor or a visitor arrives at Istanbul by air, he or she could even walk to the exhibition ground. The premiere edition of this annual event was held in April 17-20, 2014. As the first of its kind in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo contributes to Turkey’s being a production hub for the mattress industry.

Sleep Well Expo will host a professional platform where the latest technologies and products will be showcased altogether. Because of ever increasing value of mattress and other sleep products the fair will be an important organization which will bring once again leading companies and reps of the industry together. Many international companies doing business with Turkey in this industry have already shown their interest in the fair which will bring together CEOs, top level officials, purchasing managers, producers, consumers, foreign and domestic dealers and representatives.

Product groups of the fair include Turkish mattress producers, mattress importers, furniture and mattress stores, foreign mattress producers, sub-industry products, mattress and quilting machinery and equipment, etc. The visitor portfolio includes experts and high-level officials of the private sector, buyers from different sectors to realize projects, businessmen, investors, mattress industry authorities, dealers and representatives, chambers of commerce, associations, furniture manufacturers, purchasing officials of tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, etc.”

There will be seminars and different activities related to new products, technologies and applications. Istanbul unites its natural beauties with its historical and cultural wealth and modern infrastructure, ascending in world league as the new favorite city for international organizations. Istanbul has an historical and cultural heritage acknowledged by the whole world. Apart from its historical and natural beauties the city is quite assertive with its hotels, fair, congress and meeting halls at world standards. The visitors coming for meetings, congresses and fairs have the opportunity to experience the eastern and the western cultures together amongst the artworks reflecting a history of thousands of years.