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Smartfiber always moves ahead!

Germany’s major fiber producer smartfiber develops and markets nature based lyocell fibers with different functionalities for the international market.

Founded in 2005, smartfiber AG combines the scientific know-how of the twenty-year-old research and development work of the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK) in Rudolstadt. smartcel™ sensitive and SeaCell®: feeling at home with every fiber

Home is where your heart is! With smartcel™ sensitive and SeaCell®, smartfiber AG produces two fibers which are the basis for textiles with an additional benefit and which guarantee a feel-good factor. Bedding, towels and other home textiles that are made of smartfiber’s fibers have a gentle, vitalizing, regenerative and protective effect on the user’s skin.

smartfiber’s fibers stand for health, sustainability and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. That precisely corresponds with the expectations of  modern, active customers. They want natural textiles with a positive effect on their skin – a wish smartcel™ sensitive and SeaCell® can fulfill.

The secret of smartfiber AG lies in its patented procedure which allows the company to incorporate natural additives with a positive effect on the skin permanently into a cellulose fiber. During the selection of the additives, the company pays great attention on highest quality.

SeaCell®-fibers contain finely ground Icelandic seaweed from a unique ecosystem. The seaweed is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements hence it provides for protection against environmental influences (free radicals) and – also thanks to the particularly soft touch – for a lasting feel-good effect.

This summer, the management board of smartfiber AG has convinced itself on-site of the gentle harvest of the seaweed in the cold and pure fjords of Iceland.

smartcel™ sensitive not only possesses cosmetic and regenerative characteristics – thanks to the essential trace element zinc – but also provides protection against mites, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Both of smartfiber’s natural fibers are particularly suited for the application in all kinds of textiles and are already integrated in numerous product lines of renowned international suppliers, such as those of Indo Count Industries Ltd., Trident Group, Riviera Home™, f.a.n. frankenstolz or billerbeck. Their products provide wellness for the skin of their customers – thanks to SeaCell® and smartcel™ sensitive.

smartcel™ sensitive: soft hygiene with a revitalizing effect and protection against mites

As the biggest human organ, the skin protects the body from cold, heat and environmental influences every day. Special care is crucial to protect the skin in its function as a protective shield. Clothing holds a key role in this regard. Every day our clothing is in direct contact with our skin.

The smartcel™ sensitive fiber uses the skin caring effect of the essential trace element zinc for all kind of home textiles with a soft, regenerative effect.

Since it is directly incorporated into the Lyocell fiber, zinc is not only an important part of the human nutrition but also skin regenerating and antibacterial, plus it enhances the healing of inflammation and wounds. Thus zinc oxide is being used in pharmacy, cosmetics and multivitamin preparations. As care product for external application, for example as zinc oxide in sun blocker, it protects from harmful UV radiation.

In ointments, powder, baby creams and cosmetic products zinc oxide supports the natural processes of the skin, fosters the wound healing and fights skin inflammation. The hygienic effect of smartcel™ sensitive is extraordinary. The fiber provides effective help against allergies to mites, which causes chronic rhinitis, allergic asthma or torturous neurodermatitis.

Zinc provides for an environment that is unfavorable for mites. This positive reaction is verified by the renowned
Hohenstein institute. Furthermore, smartcel™ sensitive possesses the odor-reducing and antibacterial properties of zinc oxide. The effect is triggered when the skin gives off moisture and an active exchange between the fibers and the skin is produced. The metabolism of bacteria is disrupted and odor is reduced. This antibacterial effect of zinc could be detected several times by various independent tests.

smartcel™ sensitive: the cellulose fiber with zinc turns textiles into real skin care products

With the smartcel™ sensitive fiber, smartfiber launches the first antibacterial fiber with the essential trace element zinc. This fiber innovation is characterized on the one hand by unique skin caring and gentle to the skin properties and on the other hand by odour-reducing and antibacterial properties of the zinc oxide. The production process of this natural fiber is done without use of nanotechnology and aggressive chemicals. smartcel™ sensitive is certified by Oeko-Tex® standard 100, product class 1 (for baby products). It can be inserted in all kinds of textiles. Moreover this on a high scientific level developed and patented fiber technology is functional permanent, i.e. it possesses a longterm effect.

Zinc is vital for humans. Like almost no other nutrient, zinc has a big impact on our wellbeing. After iron, zinc is the most frequent trace element within the human body. Zinc provides for a healthy growth in humans, animals and plants. It is omnipresent within the body and of crucial relevance for the core functions of the organism. It strengthens the immune system and the body’s defenses but also sensory functions and fertility.

In nutrition it takes on an important role as well. As an essential component of over 100 enzymes, zinc contributes to the digestion and utilization of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and is closely involved in energy production and prevents symptoms of deficiency in the long term. Animal source foods like meat, fish, seafood and cheese, but also oat flakes and wheat whole grain flour are high in zinc. Especially for the skin, zinc has crucial functions.

As the biggest human organ, the skin protects the body from cold, heat and environmental influences every day. Special care is crucial to protect the skin in its function as a protective shield. Clothing holds a key role in this regard. Every day our clothing is in the longest and closest contact with our skin. For this, smartcel™ sensitive offers the solution: Especially zinc enhances the healing of inflammation and wounds and fights infections. Furthermore, the healthy growth of skin and hair is determined considerably by zinc. Therefore, zinc is inserted in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as in multivitamin preparations. Creams containing zinc and care products, which are applied to the skin, possess a healing effect. 

Zinc oxide, which is used in smartcel™ sensitive, offers protection from harmful UV radiation in sun blockers. In ointments, powder, baby creams and cosmetic products zinc oxide supports the natural processes of the skin, fosters the wound healing and fights skin inflammation. The smartcel™ sensitive fiber uses the skin caring effect of zinc oxide for textiles with a soft, regenerative effect. Integrated into the fiber, zinc oxide, as a component of skin-building enzymes, acts directly on the skin and does not have to be transported to the skin first. Thus, smartcel™ sensitive has the secret of natural freshness.

The health-promoting effect of zinc oxide in the smartcel™ sensitive fiber An important health advantage: The fiber provides effective help against allergies to mites, which often cause chronic rhinitis, allergic asthma or torturous neurodermatitis. The zinc oxide in smartcel™ sensitive provides for an environment that is unfavorable for mites. This positive reaction is verified by the renowned Hohenstein institute.

Besides its cosmetic effect, smartcel™ sensitive possesses odour-reducing and antibacterial properties. The effect is triggered when the skin gives off moisture and an active exchange between the fibers and the skin is produced. The metabolism of bacteria is disrupted and odour is reduced. This antibacterial effect of zinc could be detected successfully several times by various independent tests.

Thanks to the caring, hygienic and verifiably health-promoting effect on skin and body, smartcel™ sensitive is particularly suitable for textiles, since they are is direct contact with the skin. In addition to an enhancement of the wear comfort and the protection from stress factors or similar environmental influences, the revitalizing properties of this fiber particularly helps allergy sufferers and people who are susceptible to diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriaris. This includes business-, work-, sports- and leisure wear, baby- and children’s clothing, underwear and socks, home textiles (among others bedding, mattresses, towels) as well as medical and semi-medical applications.

By the insertion of pharma grade 4 zinc white, a snow-white zinc oxide, into the fiber a dyeing of textiles in all colors is possible, including white. This pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide produced from metallic zinc meets DAB 10 purity requirements and other international regulations for the preparation of pharmaceuticals. And: smartcel™ sensitive stays effective even in wool blends.

Quality is an ace up smartfiber’s sleeve: The smartcel™ sensitive fiber is certified by Oeko-Tex® standard 100, product class 1, approved for baby products and has been tested by several independent institutes regarding their efficiency.

The technology of smartcel™ sensitive is based on the patented lyocell procedure of smartfiber AG. The fiber is made of a biogenic raw material, which is environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% biodegradable.