Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: machinery (sayfa 12)

Etiket Arşivi: machinery

Caring for a mattress

After investing in a right mattress you need to follow some instruction for right usage. Better Sleep Council has some important advices for this: Proper Installation. Make sure your new mattress and foundation are properly installed in your home. Improper ...

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Trevira fill fibers for bedding

Trevira Bioactive fabrics for the home textiles sector are used in bedding, curtains and drapes, upholstery fabrics and fill materials for pillows and duvets. Bedding is one of only a few textiles where the body is so very conscious of ...

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Mattress manufacturing technologies prospering

In the luxury-bedding world, the focus shifts from construction to materials. Not only do most mattresses look alike, but also their essence — the components that distinguish well-made models from lesser ones — is hidden Mattresses with stabilizing interior springs, ...

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