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Trevira fill fibers for bedding

s23Trevira Bioactive fabrics for the home textiles sector are used in bedding, curtains and drapes, upholstery fabrics and fill materials for pillows and duvets.

Bedding is one of only a few textiles where the body is so very conscious of the feel of the material. The quality of pillows and duvets is a decisive factor in determining the sleep climate, and therefore our sense of well-being daily. The materials are in direct contact with the skin – making what they have inside them a matter of some importance. Fill materials in Trevira are dedicated 100% to ensuring healthy and comfortable sleep. They are breathable, their bulk creates volume and the air protects against the cold while retaining the warmth.

Trevira Fill – the light hollow fiber

Each Trevira hollow fiber has a fine air channel running through it. This makes it light – 10, 000 meters of Trevira Fill weigh only 6 grams – at the same time enabling it to achieve 15 % higher bulk volume than normal fill fibers. This results in ideal moisture conductance and very good air circulation. Easy care The very good wash behavior of Trevira Fill assists the healthy cleanliness. The fibers meet the highest demands in terms of hygiene. They are totally washable and to some extent can be boiled as well, and they can also go in the spin and tumbler dryer.

Permanently antimicrobial

Trevira fibers in the Trevira Bioactive variant contain an additional additive with antimicrobial properties. The agent is firmly and indelibly integrated in the fiber polymer and remains unaffected either by washing or usage. Trevira Bioactive is always ideal where particular importance is attached to cleanliness. The antimicrobial function prevents the growth of bacteria in and on textiles where microorganisms often find an ideal climate, due to the warmth and damp. The antimicrobial agent cannot migrate into the environment, so that the natural skin flora is not affected. In its textile characteristics Trevira Fill Bioactive has all the advantages of normal Trevira Fill fibers. The antimicrobial properties make Trevira Bioactive an ideal basis for household textiles such as hand cloths and towels.

Home and contract textiles in Trevira Bioactive

Trevira Bioactive is always at home where a healthy living climate is of importance. Due to the moistness and warmth bacteria often find ideal conditions for growth in bedding and household textiles. It is a fact that these textiles are used for long periods and without daily cleaning. With its permanent antimicrobial effect in and on the fiber Trevira Bioactive offers an important additional function for home and contract textiles. It combats the spread of bacteria in and on the fiber, meaning that textiles stay fresh for longer. In a permanently flame retardant version the antimicrobial fibers and yarns offer the ideal basis for safety textiles with extra functionality.