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TESLA, technically proven quality of sleep!


Tesla was enhanced to increase the quality of sleep on beds, consisting of 1/3 of our life, and to contribute to the human health. Tesla has the features, healing the metabolism health of the users, with bio magnetism effect. Tesla fabric contains the materials, having the natural magnetic feature. Tesla fabric develops the magnetic area which is proper for the natural magnetic area of the body. This magnetic area regulates the ion transition on the cell membrane. Also the tesla fabric activates the power of the own healing of the body. As a consequence, tesla fabric helps for the quality of the sleep, healthy life and protection from the illness.


The tesla fabric and the interaction of the magnetic area of the human body provide the transitions of the materials on the cell membranes. So the tesla fabric provides the aliveness of the cell, working like a factory, by removing the waste materials and toxins and by taking water, food materials, oxygen and necessary minerals.


The magnetic area of the tesla fabric increases cellular oxygen and reduces the infection while it supports the biological healing and reduces the pain. The magnetic area has an interaction which is proper for the motion period of cell-membrane. This magnetic area triggers the existence of the complicate biophysical in the molecular level, cell level and the system (the digestion system, neural system) level.


The bio magnetism feature of the tesla fabric starts the regeneration process by increasing the fluidity (blood flow and nerve conduction system) in the area and by increasing the cell membrane function and the cell respiration (access oxygen, out of carbon dioxide) and by increasing the cell capacity of the taking of oxygen, food materials, vitamin and element and by increasing the local becoming bloodshot, depending on increasing of local heat, because of the magnetic effect and by alerting the immunity system and by reducing the local energy imbalance and by recreating the energy balance.


When the energy balance was normal, the negative table can be prevented at the illness time and before illness. When the magnetic area was applied to the body, the magnetic waves pass from the tissue and generate the second current. These currents give the heats to the electron in the cells. This heat benefits to muscle pain and the muscle swelling. When the amount of calcium and cholesterol in the blood reduced, the hemoglobin move faster. The blood is cleaned and the blood flowing be faster. The heart be relax and the pain reduces or finishes. The director nerve become normal and the organs which is managed by them, work properly. The feeders are transferred more easy and productive because of the being better of blood flow. The magnetic waves revive the skin, fatty tissues and bones. As a consequence of this, the magnetic waves increase the resistance to the illness. The magnetic field transfers the energy by reducing the irregularity and the magnetic field contribute to the health and promotes to the growth of the cells and own healing of the body.


Tesla fabric substantially increases the sleep quality according to test, done to evaluate the effect on the sleep quality, results which was made in Japan.




The tesla fabric helps to protect the metabolism health of user by increasing the sleep quality of the user with all of these effects.