Anasayfa / ACTUEL / “Turkish companies, which are self-sufficient geographically and have enough raw materials, should focus on exports as soon as possible”

“Turkish companies, which are self-sufficient geographically and have enough raw materials, should focus on exports as soon as possible”

The trade wars between the US and China affect the mattress industry as well as other sectors. The US, which has reduced imports from Chinese firms, has become open to export opportunities for new countries. Considering this as an opportunity, Turkish companies accelerated their efforts.

One of Turkey’s major brands in mattress exports, Innova Bedding emphasizes on focusing on export activities of domestic companies wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.

How do you interpret the impact of the trade wars between China and the US on your industry? How do you think the Turkish mattress supplier industry is affected?

The trade wars between the US and China have led to positive developments in mattress industries of other countries. On my recent tour in Turkey, I observed that many of the manufacturers in Turkey got orders from American firms either directly or in the fairs. There were smiling faces in local companies that produce raw materials such as mattress fabrics and foams. We know that when our domestic products are compared with Chinese products ours are better in terms of both design and strength. Even if these trade wars were ended, the entry of Turkish mattresses into the US will accelerate.

How did the developments between China and the US in the supply of raw materials reflect on the market?

Since the experiences between China and the United States do not show any stability, Chinese mattresses still find buyers in the American market. As long as a certain practice does not come into effect, it seems that China will continue to find buyers.

What precautions should be taken in Turkey’s import-export efforts?

On the commercial level, every market is open to Turkish mattresses. We cannot be very successful especially in terms of finished products due to the fact that Turkish bedding manufacturers are not act export oriented and do not provide products in this field. Only ten companies are in the export market. The increase in finished product sales will also contribute to the opening of the bed industry to exports.

Which country do you export most as a company? Which factors do you think play a role on their decision while preferring a Turkish supplier?

As Innova Bedding, we do not depend on a specific region or country. The companies we distribute are located in Italy and we sell our products to North Africa, Middle East and Caucasus countries. Turkey is geographically located in a very important point. It is a country capable of utilizing both her geographical position and raw material resources, and should therefore focus on increasing its export capacity.

What kind of suggestions can you give to companies that want to expand their export network?

First of all, I observe that we do not focus on exports as Turkish companies based on my own observations both in my company and in the companies that I worked for within the sector. We need to turn our aim abroad and search for new markets. We also need qualified colleagues in order to open markets abroad. We should focus on exports by educating people who can speak foreign languages ​​and who can analyze foreign markets. We need to develop our marketing strategies. From a technical point of view, I recommend them that they strengthen themselves by cooperating with fully equipped enterprises.

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