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Ümit Machine didn’t walk, but ran…

With our belief that any crisis can be turned into an opportunity, the need for an emotional perspective is indisputable in this period when realism has peaked in order to manage the process correctly. Together with Covid-19, we dedicated our priority to working in a safe and healthy way in order to turn our face to power. In this sense, the measures we took at the beginning of the pandemic process, ensured that the production continuity could be maintained for a long time, and that our shipments could arrive on time without interruption.


At such times, it is necessary to bring your emotional perception to the forefront as well as professional and a little academic thinking. The reason for this is to ensure that the stones stuck on your feet do not drop you while you are traveling, and to be able to stay balanced in all directions. Covid-19 was the unpleasant surprise of 2020, unfortunately. Despite the shock caused by Covid-19 in all directions, Ümit Machine continued to walk with faith. During the period when the borders were closed, our orders were delivered to our customers on time. Only our technicians had to wait for the flights to open. The biggest problem for us was the accumulation in the installation of our machines.


The biggest factor to be able to cause the production rate to drop was incidents within the factory. We have seen the benefit of taking this precaution as soon as the pandemic begins. We made an emergency action plan for the pandemic like the earthquake.


Ümit Machine is a big family with its employees. Each staff member is a part of this family with their spouses, children, mothers and fathers. The pandemic reminded us once again how important it is to feel this way. The importance of the health of every member of your family in terms of controlling the process has emerged even more. At this point, we delivered the regular staff Covid-19 action plan made in the factory to the families. The fact that the safe chain against Covid-19 is so strong, the tests performed at routine intervals ensured that the disease could not enter our institution for a long time and could be kept under control with a limited number of people in the future. And production continued uninterrupted. Ümit Machine did not walk but ran.


In our foreign relations, it is very possible to understand the feedback of the importance of giving the message that we are here, we are by your side, making them feel that we are accessible as usual, with the rising graphic in our sales. In such a period, you can provide a great reliability and continuity energy to be able to sell and call sales as export.


It is another aspect of working through the period in a health way to work from home. At least, it was right method to make sales operations from the house instead of the office to continue customer relations and in order to increase the performances of the motivations of our workers. With these radical measures, we, Ümit Machine, took, today are proud to contribute to the rising graph of exports in Turkey.


In this period when fairs, one-to-one meetings and customer visits are interrupted, it is more important than ever to say that we are here. It was necessary to answer the question of why Ümit Machine is in relation to this subject, again and again, insistently.

A bed manufacturer is the person who controls the quality of human life by shaping sleep quality. Getting people ready for the day from sleep in the best way is the mattress manufacturer’s endless pursuit of comfort and perfection. The goals of providing the most comfortable and productive sleep allow the architect to build houses, the scientist to continue to explore knowledge, and the doctor to continue saving lives.


And such a noble purpose requires the most ideal machine; the machines that will not leave you in the middle of an important production period; the machines to produce the most comfortable mattresses, the machines to tightly wrap the beds leaving the factory to reach their new homes.


However, with these quality machines, a reliable and sensitive, long-term service can be provided. The machine supplier should always be a trust and safety provider ready to send technical support teams, regardless of which country the mattress manufacturer is located in. As being in the global market means adapting to all time zones, the supplier must be ready for phone calls and emails 24/7.


In the fear and panic of Covid, we asked, answered and brought forward the questions which will make the companies feel safe for the companies that postpone investment. After purchasing your machines, will you be able to contact your machine supplier at any time despite Covid? Will you be able to receive quality controls and services of the machine you will purchase despite Covid? In the event of a breakdown, will the supplier’s top representatives be just a phone call away despite Covid? Will you be able to encounter the same technician regardless of how much time has passed by establishing a personal relationship with all health guarantees despite Covid? Despite Covid, Ümit Machine will always be with you. That was the message.


Ümit Machine defines the quality in the mattress machinery sector. With our decades of experience and machines in 95 different countries, we proudly represent the best production and support that the industry can offer. We are honored to be part of any mattress manufacturer’s pursuit of the most comfortable sleep and will always continue to redefine mattress manufacturers’ expectations of the industry’s best.


For the 2021 growth target of Ümit Machine, we continue to walk without losing our belief that we can reach our right and left by looking forward and working without seeing the negativities. Remember, even though it’s hard to believe, at some point, normality will begin and our industry will undergo change. Be ready for change when it is finished, Ümit Machine will always be online and ready for change in order to be able to move forward together as the sector comes alive.