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Umit Machinery since 1988

s31There is a strange story of establishment of Umit Machinery.

Mr. Ergin Umit, proprietor of the company had come across with a brochure on his way to Germany. That was the trigger of the idea. Pointing out that their first priority was customer satisfaction, Umit said they served all spare parts and technical services of the machinery they sell. “Our work starts after we sell the machine,” says Ergin Umit who answered our questions about their success story:

Could you introduce us yourself?

I was born in 1944. I completed my education at military secondary school and Turkish military academy. I played professional soccer at Davutpasa and Vefa teams for some time. I quit playing in 1972 and started in the mattress industry with the proposal of Semih Beg, owner of Cennet Mattress Company which was the first manufacturer of spring mattresses in Turkey.

When was your company established? How long have you been active withyour company?

Umit Machinery was established in 1988. We have been manufacturing a lot of machinery used in the mattress industry. We are rendering all after sale services such as spare parts, technical support and services by our experienced team at our new production facility.

How was 2014 for your company and what are your expectations from 2015?

For 7 years we are tax-paying champion among individual companies. Narrowing of customer variety because of crisis realized 7% of our capacity. Our total turnover is about 15 million dollars but our production is about manufacturing a kind of machine which costs 30 million dollars. It is difficult to manufacture machines by machines. Still we are at good condition.

Which products are you serving in the bedding industry?

We have a clothing group. We have quilting machines, border machines and sealing machines. We have manual nylon and packaging machines. An upper level includes spring group. These are full-automatic machines. In line with development of technology, the machinery also develops. We have a capacity of setting up a manufacturing line for 350-mattress production with only 6 persons.

Where and what kinds of materials do you supply? Do you import?

For all materials needed for mattress machinery manufacturing are available in domestic market we don’t import at all.

About R&D activities

Zeki Susever, responsible person for R&D team answered our questions about this issue:

How do you realize your product development? Is it undertaken by your R&D department? Can you outline your R&D studies?

In this company, Mr. Zeki Umit is responsible to sell the machines and I am responsible to manufacture them. Developing a new machine is a longterm endeavor. We determine this by studying the trends in the sector in the meantime. We search which machines are needed for what type of productions and make our decisions accordingly. There are certain stages of machine production. Starting from the features of machines we continue by evaluating on mechanical and electronic structure by CAD-CAM system. License research is very important at this stage. It is important not to use previously made ideas and machines. We never imitate or misuse others’ properties. Developing machines is a long and painstaking work but when it starts working it must be problem-free. That’s why it must be registered at the first stage. All of our machines have been designed by taking all risks such as fire and work security into consideration.

Which countries do you export?

We made our first export to Albania in 1990s. We are currently exporting to Africa, Middle East, USA, South America, European Countries and to almost all of the rest of the world.