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Universal: Three decades of experience in chemicals

“Established in 1999 Universal Adhesive company produces for mattress manufacturers. I have been active in this business since 1974 and acquired knowledge needed for being successful. We are trying to bring latest technologies in Turkey,” says Alber Strugo, general manager of the company.  He introduces his company below:

On Universal company

At the beginning we have been serving to footwear manufacturers. In 2001 we entered in automotive and furniture industries. Presently we supply to many major companies in these fields.

On products aiming to mattress industry

We produce three types of adhesives for the bed industry namely solvent, hotmelt and water based adhesives. The first two are preferred more, because the third kind needs more time to be effective and hard to apply. Adhesives and their performances are very important for the quality of end products. This applies for all industries. Adhesives have key role in the quality and performance of mattresses.

On research and development

Our R&D team follows technological and commercial developments. Engineers are seeking new ways and solutions for our customers. We are focused on customer satisfaction. They reward us by their orders.

On import and export activities of the firm

We import ingredients needed for adhesives from Germany, Portugal and some other European countries. We developed the process of application. Now our production cycle has been shortened, efficiency has increased. Exporting is important for us. We export to Middle East and East European markets, as well as to the Russian Federation.

On sales and after sales services

We aimed to provide the best customer services by establishing local teams of technical experts. Our sales and service personnel made regular visits to our customers and deliver them the best ways of applying our adhesives. They also follow developments in the market in the country and in abroad.

On performance in 2013 and plans and expectations for the year 2014

We are growing each year. 2013 was a good year for us with a 25 percent growth. We produced 44 tons of adhesives daily. We targeted to further our growth in 2014 by applying the same business discipline. Our aim is to bring new technologies to Turkey immediately. We want our customers to be successful both in domestic market and abroad.