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Verra maintain its power in African and Arabian countries

Focused on exports Verra Foreign Trade, raises its targets through Interzum Cologne Fair

We talked to Abdullah Umit Candan of Verra foreign trade firm, on the eve of the fair, about his firm and their preparations for the fair event.


Firstly, may we know about you and your company?

Having a strong infrastructure in the sector, Verra has been active in business that is supplying mattress components for mattress manufacturers in abroad. We supply all material needed in the production of mattress. We are mainly a service company, not only a seller. We provide either products or machinery and consulting services to the people who need them for mattress production.


As a direct seller in which countries do you have contacts?

We have no sales aiming domestic market, because we are an export company. African and Arabian countries are our major markets. Last year we started to open up in South American and European markets. Lastly, we opened an office in America. We target to grow in south American and European markets.


With which products are you going to Interzum Cologne fair? What is your view on German market?

I have been participating in Interzum since 2007. I went there with several fairs and with several concepts. As Verra foreign trade this is our third year. We will exhibit bed covers and components that reflect our concept in the fair. We will be hosting our visitors at our stand at 11.2 Hall, booth no. M038 and M039 in the exhibition.

We could not get so further with our mattress components in Germany, however as for the bed covers and machinery our position is improving. Interzum fair is not limited by the German market. There will be visitors and buyers from Africa, America and other parts of the Europe. I believe that it will be an efficient and productive event.


What are the trends in demand for raw materials for mattress industries?

In my view, mattress market behaves in line with fashion as it was in the apparel businesses. Ten years ago, new foam technologies such as visco and memory foam were on the agenda, besides comfort issues. In line with growing of mattress fabrics producers, bedding industry moved towards fashion issues. For example, fabric producers have been launching new concept in fairs each year, such as anti-bacterial, stress free, tesla and other optional choices. When design became a major issue other components of mattresses begin to change. Let’s say, aleo vera extract is used in mattress fabrics, so the green color of aleo vera, which symbolizes nature, gains dominance in other parts and components of mattresses, capsules become smaller, form changes and new concepts emerges.

For making innovations you have to be innovative, so we consider to focus on this matter. We watch trends in the world. Trends that run decade ago in Europe may become a new trend in Africa. For this reason, we try to produce both conventional and trendy products. We are in close communication with our buyers and consult them about what can be done for their needs. Sometimes our customers bring new ideas to produce new products.


We completed the first quarter of the year. What are your projections for the rest of the year?

The year 2016 was a hard period for the industry and export performance of our country. At the beginning of 2017 the outlook was rather better. I think that we have managed to overcome the crises and 2017 will run faster. There are conflicting views in the sector. Some move towards producing natural products, some emphasize on the production of foam, wool or spring type mattresses. At the end, the industry grows.

As Verra we want to grow in abroad by establishing distribution network. To this end, we aim to markets an Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East. After our participation in Interzum Fair that is an important opportunity for us to grow, we plan to participate in Sleep Well Expo.


Any additional comments?

I always try to give this message, it is a shame for our industry to spend high amount of money for Interzum event, because we can do the same in Turkey at reasonable costs. I want to make Turkey more powerful player in the world. For this reason, Sleep Well magazine and Sleep Well Expo fair should become more efficient. We are ready to do what can we do.

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