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Wind of innovation from Boyteks at Evteks fair

1Exhibiting its products in 2 different halls this year at the Istanbul Home Textile Fair (Evteks), organized for the 21st time this year at CNR Expo fair area, Boyteks made an impression with its modern stand designs, rich collection and new products. Boyteks, besides being the international vendor of bedding and furniture manufacturers within the fair, underlined that it is the leader with the innovative approaches it has brought to the sector. Deniz Boydak: “Our investment on innovation is making us different in the sector”

Boyteks Assistant General Manager Responsible for Sales and Marketing, Deniz Boydak, who evaluated R&D investments and marketing strategies of Boyteks within the scope of the fair, said, “Our long established production strength and investments we made on innovation are making us distinctive in the sector we offer our products. This year we are excited to offer our 5 new products, particularly

Cooler and Romance, which entered our mattress ticking collection to the market. On upholstery fabric, on the other hand, in the last years we reached a point of being a firm that answers many different needs. Our carpet production facilities are currently one of the most modern facilities of Turkey. We are in and endeavor of offering innovative approaches in all our product groups that add value to our customers and their products”. Deniz Boydak: “We also started production of office and garden furniture fabrics”1,2

Indicating that they are continuing their production in two centers as Kayseri and Bursa, Deniz Boydak expressed that they extended their product range even more by starting office and garden furniture fabrics in their production facility in Bursa. Deniz Boydak said, “We aimed for our customers who can reach everything they need for their homes in a concept store to also find everything they are looking for from us regarding fabrics. Therefore, finally we began to produce special fabrics for office and garden furniture. We became a brand most significant furniture manufacturers in international field prefer with velvet fabrics and warp knitting fabrics with unlimited color and design options we continue to produce in our facilities in Kayseri.” Indicating that they are delivering Boyteks products to their customers in the most rapid way with their dynamic marketing structure, strong distribution channels and logistics advantages, Boydak said, “We are preparing collections based on regions by taking cultural and geographical differences in account. With our sales-marketing department that offers the best before and after sales service we try to also give the best service to our customers besides giving them a high quality product”.