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XSENSOR Technology takes permanent showroom for REVEAL products at Las Vegas Furniture Market

REVEAL by XSENSOR will have a new home for their mattress recommendation systems this January at the Las Vegas Furniture Mart.

XSENSOR Technology Corporation, leaders in pressure mapping technology, believe that the ability to show all REVEAL products in one area will greatly benefit clients wanting to compare options to discover products to best suit their needs. XSENSOR’s experienced designers have developed an innovative retail environment to better under￾stand and improve how customers experience brands. The REVEAL showroom provides actual customer experiences and shows how to meet the needs of your customers, which is finding the right mattress, through technology. The space shows the REVEAL products that are changing the retail mattress buying experience and improving sales for retailers around the world. “Our new LVFM showroom is part of our ramping up strategy for the USA market. The experience and outcome is so positive, I’m certain our clients will find the design and products of our new showroom showcase the future of retail,” commented Richard Brass, Vice President Business Development, Sleep, North America. REVEAL is the leading technology created specifically for the mattress manufacturing and retail market to increase sales performance, REVEAL uses a highly accurate pressure imaging system to display a dynamic, high-resolution body pressure image that assists in mattress recommendations. The most advanced pressure imaging technology designed exclusively for the mattress market to easily and quickly help your customers find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body. Created specifically for mattress retailers and manufacturers, the REVEAL™ mattress recommendation system allows you to educate customers using a dynamic, high-resolution image of their body pressure measured on a mattress. The customer’s body map allows you to identify the correct group of mattress designed specifically for their body type and sleep preferences. Customers are confident they have found the right mattress, which leads to faster decision-making and fewer returns.