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Anasayfa / Other / A natural and innovative touch to the mattress by Innova Bedding

A natural and innovative touch to the mattress by Innova Bedding

Innova Bedding, supplying natural and innovative materials for Turkey’s mattress industry, operating in 32 countries, offers diverse range of innovative solutions.

Önder Honi, General Manager of Innova Bedding, based on his 18 years of dynamic and enterprising experience in the mattress industry, established Innova Bedding as a company, in order to serve the mattress industry by producing a series of alternative approaches. In a recent interview for SleepWell TV, Önder Honi, focused on the mattress industry within a global perspective.

Could you brief information on the activities of Innova Bedding?

Kayseri signifies the backbone of the mattress sector. We can say that almost 50% of the mattress industry of Turkey is located in Kayseri. Kayseri represents Turkey’s 50% not only for finished products but also for the material, machinery, qualified labor force and market volume. We established Innova Bedding in Kayseri in order to contribute to the mattress industry of the country.

Turkey’s mattress industry particularly produces for middle class customers. We, Innova Bedding, strive to upgrade the market potential of the country. For this reason, we supply a series of innovative inputs which are not produced in Turkey. We represent Dutch, Italian, Greek and Canadian firms within Turkey to China. We distribute our products in Turkey and in 32 countries as well.

We offer almost 50 varieties of cotton 125 varieties of wool products. Thanks to Innova Bedding product network, Innova Bedding also supplies properties of products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort of wool, incredible natural comfort of horsehair, the natural antibacterial and comfort effect of coco (pads made from coconut fiber.) Innova Bedding can supply you 3D Mesh Fabric for the air circulation, all kind of pillows and gel products which provide you cool effect on the bed.

We are changing products designs, marketing approach by launching brand new approaches.  Global networking is one of the main jobs of Innova Bedding. People are looking for machinery, employee, material, design etc. We have a global network to find almost all of them. Sourcing is another part of our company, we are able to offer almost 100 different mattress components for the mattress industries.

Could you inform us on your global network and the fairs in which you participate abroad?

I have been in mattress business for about 18 years. I have attended almost all the fairs organized at home and abroad. I do not remember a year when the  mattress industry was getting smaller in 18 years. I always congratulate the business people who embark on the mattress industry because we have an unsaturated market.

We offer consulting services for mattress producers to make them international. We are trying to adapt their mentalities to international business.

Of course, in some regions such as America, England, Italy, the industry is very advanced.  The countries like China, India and Brazil have remarkable market potential. For example, Iran has a population close to 80 million people. The usage rate of mattress is about 20% in Iran.  So the country offers an ever growing potential for the mattress industry.

In line with the changing living habits, the demand for the mattress industry indicates a rising trend in Turkey. An average mattress should be replaced in 7 years. Since mattress technology is moving so fast, people are starting to change their mattresses within a shorter period of time.

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