Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Özen İplik: Our wide product range impressed interzum visitors

Özen İplik: Our wide product range impressed interzum visitors

Özen İplik Sales Manager Engin Kalkan said that the visitors of the fair was impressed by the technical and innovative features of Özen İplik and Vera Adhesive products.

Engin Kalkan stated that they provide service to their potential customers with two different product ranges serving the mattress sub-industry sector in the same booth, and stated that they left a lasting impression on their potential customers with their presentations on adhesive and yarn.

We had a very good fair experience

We participated in interzum for the first time with our Vera Adhesive adhesive brand. I believe that the first impression of our company is very positive. As Özen İplik, we want to experience the success and recognition we have achieved with Vera Adhesive, and we believe we will. We received a positive response from our guests who visited our booth with the variety of threads and adhesives. We had the opportunity to meet with new customers from new markets. We have developed our cooperation with our existing customers.

Türkiye has the power to further increase the capacity of the mattress sub-industry industry

The Turkish mattress sub-industry made a good impression at the Interzum Fair and said to the representatives of the sector in the world, ‘we are here and we are here’. Our industry has not yet been able to realize its full potential in terms of both export and production. But it has the power to increase its capacity. Our hope is that our industry will realize this power and make new breakthroughs in the new year and mark the fairs.