Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Ümit Makina: Interzum was active and fruitful as expected

Ümit Makina: Interzum was active and fruitful as expected

Ümit Makina Company Owner Barış Ümit said that the preparations they made before the Interzum Cologne 2023 Fair and the excitement they experienced were worth it. Barış Ümit stated in his interview that they came together with potential customers from all over the world.

Barış Ümit, who expressed his excitement about the fair in his interview before the fair, said that he gave after the fair, that excitement and preparations paid off. Stating that there were visitors from all over the world at the fair and that they hosted both their current customers and new and potential customers at their stands, Barış Ümit stated that they presented the innovative features of the machines they produced to the visitors.

We are looking forward to the next interzum Fair

As a Turkish company that left the fair very satisfied, we look forward to the next edition of the fair. We hope that the fairs held between the two fairs will be as fruitful as this fair. We, as Ümit Makina, will continue our innovation efforts by preserving the image we have built up so far in the coming years and will be a close follower of technological studies.

As Turkish companies, we marked interzum

As a Turkish company, representing our country at the Interzum Cologne 2023 Fair and being the representative of our industry in the international arena was a value above all other values for us. I am sure that other companies operating in our industry think like me and are honored and proud to be the flag carrier of the industry. Together, we need to work hard to make our industry the world’s leading industry in its field, with solidarity. Speaking of unity, solidarity and solidarity, I would like to open a parenthesis here for the IBIA Association. IBIA Association, of which I am also on the board of directors, spares nod effort to support us in the organizations we participate in at home and abroad and tries to do its best for the development of the Turkish mattress components industry. In this sense, I would like to express my gratitude to Osman Güler, the President of the IBIA Association, and to our other members.