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Yılmar: We had the opportunity to meet new customers at interzum Fair

Yılmar Çelik General Manager Zübeyde Yılmaz stated that they met new customers at the interzum Cologne 2023 Fair and they had the opportunity to open up to new markets.

In her statement before the fair, Zübeyde Yılmaz, who predicted that the fair would add activity to the sector, stated that she was not mistaken in her prediction and that the fair increased the positive graphics of the mattress supplier industry. Adding to her words that not only the mattress sub-industry sector but also the raw material market benefited from the fair, Yılmaz, General Manager of Yılmar, said that the effects of the pandemic are slowly being vanished.

We met customers from our target markets

In the interview I gave before the fair, I had explained the markets we targeted while going to the fair. We had many visitors from the countries and regions I mentioned in that statement. As of now, we have many potential customers from these countries. Our aim is to evaluate this potential and to expand our export range as much as possible without breaking contact with our customers and even by establishing stronger ties. I hope that we will be successful in this regard and we will have a share in adding value to our country.

Turkish mattress components industry is very close to gaining brand value

As I mentioned in my previous interview, statistical data reveal that Turkey plays an important role in the international arena in terms of the mattress sub-industry industry and competes with the world’s giants, surpassing many countries in the world in terms of exports. But more important than these statistical data and I think the thing that will carry this data higher is the brand value. Both fairs held in the international arena such as interzum and the IBIA EXPO Fair, organized by the IBIA Association and which we are proud to be an exhibitor of, are very important for the formation of this brand value and the establishment of brand awareness in the sector. Many companies in our sector also participate in these fairs and support the branding of our industry.