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Comfytex: For A Sustainable Future We Support The Renewal Of The World

As Comfytex, we have observed the destructive effects of plastic waste that envelops our world and realized that it is time for a change. That’s why we went beyond ordinary mattress ticking and decided to create a product that truly holds meaning for the world.

By working with innovation and passion, we discovered a special fiber obtained by recycling plastic waste. From this fiber, we started producing mattress ticking that not only allow people to sleep comfortably but also give them the feeling of doing something good for the world.

Each of our mattress ticking is knitted with great care using this special fiber made from recycled plastic waste. However, sustainability is not our only concern. We also strive to maintain the highest level of quality and comfort in our products. While providing our customers with an exceptional sleep experience, we continue to uphold our commitment to the planet.

At Comfytex, we are a brand that pushes the boundaries of imagination through the recycling of plastic waste. Taking a step towards the future, we are excited to know that each of our mattress ticking contributes to the transformation of the world.

Join us and experience the joy of bridging the gap between a comfortable sleep and a better world.

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