Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Form Sünger: We expect ISPA Expo to increase our volume in the global industry

Form Sünger: We expect ISPA Expo to increase our volume in the global industry

Form Sünger Export and Marketing Chief Volkan Yılmaz said in an interview before ISPA Expo that they wanted to expand their commercial volume in the American market.

Volkan Yılmaz stated that they will showcase the sponges they make for the American market at ISPA Expo 2024 as more innovative products other than standard production, and that they will be at the fair with medical mattresses. Stating that they closely follow the American market and that they will reflect Form Sünger quality and product diversity at ISPA Expo, Yılmaz underlined that they will serve visitors not only with sponge but also with sponge mattresses. Yılmaz added that they are planning to increase the current commercial volume of Form Sünger in the American market, and stated that they see ISPA Expo as a step towards this goal.

What are your expectations from ISPA exhibition?

Organized every 2 years, ISPA is a global exhibition that brings together many customers from the North and South America region. It is important for our company to have our current and potential customers together, rather than customer visits that can be made due to the fact that the region is far from Turkiye and is a very large geography. Our expectation from the fair is to increase our volume worldwide and specifically in America by presenting the product range and product quality that we have developed with our sustainable investments, R&D and P&D studies to our existing and new customers in the market in order to maintain and strengthen our existing position in the market in a globally macro competitive environment.

How important is the American market for you? Could you tell us about your activities for this market?

As it is known, the largest import and export transactions in the world are carried out through the United States of America. We are also aware that the sponge and related products in our own production area have a high volume in the American market. As a company that closely follows this market, we know that especially large and high-quality mattress manufacturers are located and operating in America. We know that this country, which develops its industry with technological investments day by day, is always a target market for us.

We provide innovative product development rather than our standard productions to companies operating in the American market. Although our main production area is sponge, we know that sponge mattress is popular in the American market. Due to the anti-dumping in the finished mattress, we make product shipment to our customers by gluing the sponge layers.

Could you tell us about the features of the products you will exhibit at the fair?

As Form Sponge, our main production is polyurethane sponge. It can be used in many sectors such as mattress, furniture, insulation, underwear. Our company, which has a wide range of products, has soft, standard, hard, memory and innovative sponges. In addition to these, we also brought our cast pillow models and topper products with us. We can provide our customers with a final finished bed, called bed and box, as well as a display bed that we can ship only by combining the sponge layers they want. We also have beds that can be used in the United Nations tenders held around the world and our medical bed sample used in hospitals.