Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Variowell Showcases Kikoo – the 12+ hrs. cooling solution at ISPA Expo in Columbus, Ohio

Variowell Showcases Kikoo – the 12+ hrs. cooling solution at ISPA Expo in Columbus, Ohio

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Variowell Development, the owner of the Kikoo technology for natural cooling, is set to captivate attendees at the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Positioned at the forefront of cooling innovation, Variowell is proud to present entertaining tools and methods how Retail Sales Associates can demonstrate technical functionalities like the Power of Superoriented Graphite.

Kikoo, the primary highlight of Variowell’s showcase at ISPA, guarantees an unparalleled 12 hours or more of staying cool during sleep. Beyond just providing a momentary comfort, Kikoo aspires to redefine the benchmarks of thermal comfort. It delivers a refreshing and cool sleep experience that may extend into eternity – all achieved without the use of any energy, solely by harnessing the natural cooling effect of the Kikoo bands using superoriented graphite.

In conjunction with Kikoo’s spotlight at the ISPA Expo, Variowell is excited to engage with industry professionals and sleep enthusiasts alike. The company is eager to showcase how Kikoo aligns with Variowell’s commitment to advancing sleep technology and setting new standards in the industry.

“As we unveil Kikoo at the ISPA, we’re not just presenting a product; we’re introducing how mattress brands can keep their cooling promise – since 87% of consumers surveyed expect a cooling solution to perform the whole night,” said Tobias Kirchhoff, Founder and CEO, at Variowell Development.

Variowell extends an invitation to all ISPA Expo attendees to visit its booth #1833 and experience firsthand the revolutionary cooling technology of Kikoo.