Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Erplast: We are trying to increase our activities in America

Erplast: We are trying to increase our activities in America

Erplast General Manager Fatih Okumuşer signalled that they will increase their investments in America in the interview he gave before the ISPA Expo fair.

What are your expectations from ISPA fair?

As Erplast, we aim to further increase our exports in 2024. For this reason, we participate in fairs abroad. ISPA fair is one of them. We aim to increase our exports in America with our new customers we will meet at the ISPA fair. In addition, it is among our aims to meet with our existing customers who come to the fair and listen to their expectations from us.

How important is the American market for you? Could you tell us about your activities for this market?

As you know, America is a very big market and it is of great importance for us. For this reason, our colleagues make customer visits during the year. We also do our best to increase our activities in America with fairs.

Could you tell us about the features of the products you will exhibit at the fair?

Industrıal products

Are usal products providing easy protection, transportation and stacking for manufacturing companies. Areas of use: Appliances, furniture, glass, ceramic, metal, food, etc.

Strech fılm

Protects the products from external factors such as hot, cold, precipitation, dust and dirt Outer surface The product is shiny and slippery, does not hold dust and dirt Prevents the pallets from sticking together Translucent, lightweight and economical Weather resistant can be used for packaging all kinds of products

Thanks to its flexibility; not affected by sharp and sharp corners, rope or hoop It is safe and economical in the packaging of bottled products

Shrınk fılm

It provides economic and safe storage and shipment by wrapping the products with thermal shrinkage in all products that can be made in packaging. It is a highly preferred product because it prevents the products from being affected by dust, sun and rain.

Perforated bag

Perforated bags and separtors, whic are manufactured from high qality materials and provide convenience in terms of storage and usage, provide protection from external factors, especially rain, and save labor and time.

Roll nylon

This products are used as roll packaging of products and also can be used as covering of area

Bubble nylon

Bubble bag, known as bubble nylon, is a folding, soft, flexible, transparent, protective packaging material that is often preferred in packaging fragile products. It is produced and sized according to the products to be packaged by using bags (bubble pack bag) in your products, you save both time and protect your products with a solid product.

Grıpın bubble pack

Your special products require extra protection. For this purpose, different products are combined into special bags. Tear-resistant and non-resilient techno products which are produced especially for furniture sector are preferred. Optionally it can be produced as printed.

Bubble sandwıch packagıng

Protects products from impact, scratches, bump, dusting, moisture, friction, electrification, vibration and crushing. Open scratches can be prevented as a single layer on the surfaces. Fragile parts can be protected from impacts by wrapping them in multiple layers. It can be used for filling the gaps between products. It saves space with its thin structure. It is an economical, stylish and modern type of packaging.