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Elektroteks aims high

The leading mattress machinery company plans growing in the production of foam plants as well. Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elektroteks, said that they are focusing on growing in foam production facilities as well as the mattress production line in which they have been specialized for years.

Elektroteks, which is involved in most of the mattress production facilities in the world, is rapidly progressing towards becoming a global player in the production of foam factories. Elektroteks, which establishes industry 4.0 turnkey factories by taking a close interest in all processes from the architecture of a factory to the production stage, focused on growth in the field of foam. Elektroteks, which manages all turnkey processes of foam production factories from architectural design to machine installation, is in competition with world giants in this field in the global arena. Stating that they will increase the share of foam factories in turnover to over 30 per cent, Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elektroteks, said that they will grow by deepening in this field where they are a global player. Stating that they have established fully automated industry 4.0 factories in mattress and foam production, Güler emphasised that they produce high technology in terms of added value. Explaining that they also make electronic components and software in-house, Osman Güler pointed out that they stand out in global competition in this way. Noting that they are among the companies that lead the world in mattress technologies, Güler said that as an integrated facility, they are involved in most of the mattress production facilities in the world. Stating that they manufacture with 350 people in a total closed area of 55 thousand square metres in Kayapa OSB and Görükle Industrial Zone in Bursa, Osman Güler said that they export 95 per cent of their industry 4.0 mattress and foam production machinery and plant production to more than 130 countries. Osman Güler, who underlined that investments to increase capacity continue continuously, stated that they have companies in the USA, India and Bulgaria as well as Bursa, and that they provide service with nearly 50 employees in these countries.

“It attracts attention at international fairs”

Osman Güler, who noted that they carry out all the processes they need such as machining, robotic welding, paint shop, pipe processing, sandblasting, assembly, said, “With the capacity increase, we decided to produce machinery for different sectors and we chose the foam production sector, which is close to the mattress sector and even has many common customers. Except for foam casting, we can gradually produce all machinery such as storage, cutting, gluing, shaping and packaging. We have completed many production models related to these, and our R&D studies in this field continue. We believe that we will become a worldwide brand and a leading company in the field of foam as in the mattress sector. In this context, we created the perception that ‘we are also in Europe’ in the foam sector at the Interzum Fair we recently attended.” Pointing out that energy is an important cost item in production, Osman Güler said that they completed and commissioned the 1600-kilowatt Roof SPP investment in this context.

“We make 42 per cent of our exports to America”

Stating that the USA, the world’s largest mattress consumer, is the biggest market of Eleketroteks, Güler said, “We make around 42% of our production to this country, we have a large part of the market share here. In order to provide closer and faster service to the manufacturers of the sector, we have an establishment in the USA in order to provide assembly, service and spare parts services. We attach great importance to this region. Considering these, we had to prepare very well for the ISPA fair and that is what we did. We will almost establish a mattress production facility with a machine park of 8 containers in the fair area. In addition to the mattress machines, we will also show our strength in foam machines as I mentioned in the top lines.” 

“We aim to make Turkiye the center of the global mattress industry”

Osman Güler, who is also the President of the International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA), reminded that they brought the mattress sub-industry sector together in Istanbul under the roof of IBIA EXPO 2023 in September last year. Güler said that they aim to make Turkiye a trade center for mattress manufacturers with its geopolitical location, visa and travel facilities as well as innovative and technological products. Osman Güler also announced that they will organize a fair in Warsaw, Poland between 12-14 May this year, in which TÜYAP, 4 sector associations, 40 IBIA members and nearly 200 companies will take part.