Anasayfa / ACTUEL / With its wide and rich product range Durak Tekstil increases its strength in Azerbaijan textile industry

With its wide and rich product range Durak Tekstil increases its strength in Azerbaijan textile industry

Accelerating its efforts towards export markets, Durak Tekstil both presented its wide and advanced product range and emphasised that it is a reliable partner for manufacturers at the Customer Meeting held in Azerbaijan.

Durak Tekstil, Türkiye’s leading manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, continues its growth strategy in the global market with strong and firm steps. More than 60 leading textile manufacturers of the region attended the Customer Meeting organised by the company with its Azerbaijan distributor Aydınlar Makine. In the event, both presentations on sewing and embroidery threads in Durak Tekstil’s product portfolio were made and inspiring discussions on applications were held. During the more than 3-hour meeting, Aydınlar Makine company owner Aydın Abbasov, Durak Tekstil Overseas Sales Director Efe Oran and Durak Tekstil Marketing Director Yiğit Durak made presentations on behalf of Durak Tekstil and answered the questions of industry professionals.

In the first part of the Durak Tekstil Azerbaijan Customer Meeting held on 10 January, Aydın Abbasov made a presentation introducing Aydınlar Makine. Following this speech, Efe Oran informed the participants about Durak Tekstil’s history, current production and marketing power and future vision. The participants listened with great curiosity and attention to Yiğit Durak’s speech about the company’s distinctive R&D studies and innovations in the market. Durak said that they organised a customer meeting event for the first time in Azerbaijan and that they were very pleased with the interest they received and that direct contact with the Azerbaijan textile industry, which shows great development, created beneficial results.

Mentioning that Azerbaijan and Türkiye have very close relations both historically and culturally, Durak expressed that this closeness, which is stated as ‘one nation, two states’, has great potential in the commercial context. He noted that they feel at home, not in a foreign country, saying; “Azerbaijani producers and the Azerbaijani market have a great sympathy towards Türkiye and Turkish products. The fact that many people speak Turkish also speeds up our business process. Therefore, our cultural similarities create a common ground for us to do more.”

Durak Tekstil is the solution partner of many different sectors with its threads

Representatives of leading manufacturers from denim, sportswear, embroidery and footwear industries were present at the Durak Tekstil Azerbaijan Customer Meeting. Responding to the search for quality-oriented solutions of companies working for export to Russia and the Turkic Republics as well as the Azerbaijani domestic market, Durak Tekstil continues to strengthen its position in this market. “This first meeting with our customers in the region was very useful. In addition to explaining ourselves and our products to the professionals participating in our event, we also learnt their expectations and held useful discussions on possible collaborations,” said Yiğit Durak and continued; “We had the opportunity to touch upon almost all the points that are curious about the technical features and application possibilities as well as the quality of our sewing and embroidery threads. We share the same values with the Azerbaijani textile industry in terms of taking quality as a basis and we know that this is indispensable for strategic partnership. In our customer meeting, we introduced our R&D product threads for various applications, and the interest that exceeded our expectations provided us with a strong projection for the market.”

Türkiye’s first conductive thread Durak SilverPro was appreciated in Azerbaijan

One of the products that stood out in the event where Durak Tekstil, with a rich product portfolio addressing various sectors, met with Azerbaijani manufacturers was Durak SilverPro, Türkiye’s first domestic and national conductive sewing thread. Yiğit Durak stated that this conductive thread, which was developed with intensive R&D studies that started in 2020 and was launched to the market recently, will break new ground in technical application areas. Durak said; “This latest product of innovation, which has proven its success for dozens of different smart textile applications from automotive to fashion, from home textiles to work and safety clothing, from sports products to medical textiles, has managed to attract the attention of our Azerbaijani users. With these sewing threads that provide a certain level of electrical conductivity, textile surfaces (fabric, leather, composite, etc.) become functional. In today’s world where Industry 4.0, smart textiles, wearable technologies and artificial intelligence are being discussed, Durak SilverPro offers almost unlimited opportunities for numerous new different uses.”

Azerbaijan administration supports investments

Yiğit Durak pointed out that the Azerbaijani administration, especially President Ilham Aliyev, supports investments within the scope of the development of production, saying that the focus is especially on the development of the Karabakh region, which has become one of the independent territories of Azerbaijan again. Stating that Durak Tekstil has positioned itself in the Azerbaijani market as a reliable partner in addition to its wide and advanced product range, Durak said; “Of course, investment means budget and a price-based competition is inevitable. However, it is very meaningful for us that the professionals here say ‘Durak threads are just different from the others’. We felt that we differentiated in the market with quality and brand perception. We will further strengthen this brand perception with the market studies we will carry out here in the coming period.”

Taylor’s Home’s director Aynur Abbasova and designer Fakhriyak Halafova, who are among the distinguished fashion brands of Azerbaijan and use Durak Tekstil threads, also attended the event. In their speeches, these two names, who are in a strong position in the fashion industry, stated that they have gladly used Durak Tekstil threads for 14 years and underlined their trust in the brand.