Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Nano Yay: Interzum Fair revitalized our industry

Nano Yay: Interzum Fair revitalized our industry

Nano Yay Company Owner Serkan Kır stated that the reorganization of the Interzum Cologne Fair after 4 years accelerated the mattress components sector.

Serkan Kır, who said that the participation processes in the fair were quite intense and that they place special importance to interzum, stated that they were satisfied with the B2B meetings they held at the fair and the feedback they received.

Interzum’s contribution to our exports is enormous

Of course, fairs are extra important for export-oriented companies like us. Undoubtedly, the most important and largest of these fairs is the interzum Cologne Fair. Although it has not been held for a long time, we are very pleased with the feedback we have received since we returned to home. Many of the B2B meetings we held at the fairground yielded positive results and made a substantial contribution to our export activities. By evaluating this contribution, we will try to open up to new markets and make new investments.

Turkish mattress components industry has made huge gains in interzum

I believe that the Turkish mattress components industry has gained quite a lot from the Interzum Cologne 2023 Fair. I think this gain is not just a financial or export-oriented gain. As Turkish companies, we have acquired a brand-new vision there and set new targets for ourselves. We hope that we can convey this vision to them in other fairs and companies that I have met in the foreign market and we can achieve our goals.