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The industry sticks to Sefa Chemical’s exclusive products!

The leading brand of the adhesive industry, Sefa Chemical attracts attention with its products that are used in various sectors. Firms in the mattress, packaging, carpet, hygiene, textile, printing and construction industries do not give up Sefa Chemical.   Increasing ...

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Turkey becomes an attractive base for Gulf investors

Gulf investors, were hosted in Konya and Mersin this year, Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) Gulf States Representative M. Mustafa Göksu said, adding that investors are interested in agriculture and livestock. Göksu said that they brought hundreds ...

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A natural and innovative touch to the mattress by Innova Bedding

Innova Bedding, supplying natural and innovative materials for Turkey’s mattress industry, operating in 32 countries, offers diverse range of innovative solutions. Önder Honi, General Manager of Innova Bedding, based on his 18 years of dynamic and enterprising experience in the ...

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ISPA EXPO 2018 offered excellent market opportunities!

It only comes every two years – the world’s largest trade show exclusively fort he sleep products industry. At ISPA EXPO 2018 mattress producers, innovators, and industry leaders came from around the globe to explore the show floor for the ...

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Mert Makina increases its global growth dynamically

Mert Makina, manufacturing and exporting machinery for mattress manufacturers, which has completed the first quarter of 2018 by exporting its total manufacturing volume, has been expanding its share in export markets while increasing its capacity in line with ever growing ...

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