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Anasayfa / Other / Foam with Biocrystal® Mixture a “must have” innovation in bedding and furniture industry

Foam with Biocrystal® Mixture a “must have” innovation in bedding and furniture industry

Biocrystal® is suitable for an easy implementation in a wide range of products made for everyday use and intended for life improvement.

An industrial innovation that started buzzing on Interzum 2017 in Cologne, Germany, powerful Biocrystal® Mixture, is constantly being rediscovered. The great interest caused by Biocrystal® mixture at the fair has resulted with many cooperation established between Biocrystal Technologies and Europe’s and world’s leading companies in bedding and furniture industry. This result is due to the fact that many decision makers had a unique opportunity to find out more about the characteristics and efficiency of Biocrystal® Mixture by its creators.

This time rediscovery is related to an enlargement of the usage possibilities, as Biocrystal® Mixture was successfully implemented into the foam and by some of the biggest foam producers in the world. And now, as the season of innovations creating and bringing new products to the market has officially started, Biocrystal® Mixture is definitely a “must have” for developing a wide range of active, smart products in bedding, furniture and automotive industry.

Biocrystal® Mixture is based on a combination of 16 different crystals, gold and silver, and it is scientifically tested and proven to relax, re-energize and improve the life quality of a user. As it contains crystals grinded to a size of 0,4-0,1 mm it turned out that this innovation can easily be implemented into any kind of foam (PU, memory, latex…). Another positive characteristic is that Biocrystal mixture does not deteriorate even at the temperature of 1500 C.

Technical development of the Foam with Biocrystal® mixture is followed by the efficiency testing, all done by relevant scientists and experts. Testing done at the European institute has confirmed that the foam with Biocrystal® mixture have a general relaxing effect to a user, therefore it obtains the Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism. Effectiveness of this innovative product has been confirmed several times – through reviews made by scientific experts in Austria and USA.

Foam with Biocrystal® Mixture brings a completely new dimension into the world of bedding, furniture and even hotel and automotive industry as it offers an active treatment provided by the influence of natural and powerful mixture with scientifically proven efficiency and provides an energy renewal a complete relaxation to its users.

All these unique characteristics of Biocrystal® Mixture has justified all the buzz as after a long time it represents a true innovation that has an active impact in improving user’s well-being.


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