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Right yarn, excellent quality

“In order to produce high quality and long-life products, the sewing threads must also be suitable for the equipment and fabrics used.

As one of the leading yarn manufacturers of the world Özen İplik (Özen Yarn) maintains its progress at its competitive products manufactured at international standards. Pointing out that the influence of yarn quality on end products was very strong, Adnan Türker, Marketing Manager of Özen İplik, underlined the importance of using right yarn in production.

Can you detail yarn production process?

The production process of the sewing thread can be changed depending on the type of the raw material. During the shooting, twisting, folding, painting, winding and packaging, if the non-standard feature is applied (like waterproof, antistatic) a perfect check must be applied during their application due to the effect on the final quality. It must be suitable for the automation machines which have very fast development. The hygiene must be at the forefront in order to protect the environment and human health.

What kinds of differences happen in production processes of the yarns you produce for the mattress industry?

The twisting, folding and avivage properties of our sewing threads which are produced according the mattress and furniture standards are different form standard production process. In order to produce high quality and long-life products, the sewing threads must also be suitable for the equipment and fabrics used.

What are the expectations of the sector for yarn features?

As in other business lines; economic, right products and delivery in time is the expectation of our sector.

What is the influence of yarn on finished mattresses?

The effects of sewing thread quality on the final products is quite high. The correct thickness and type of sewing thread can be changed according to the product type; however, it is one of the main factors of absolute customer satisfaction. It should not be considered as only the efficiency of the thread that can be used in machines at that moment should be had a decision by taking care of the problems of the final customer.

Can you give us information about your capacity and your technologies?

We are one of the companies with the highest capacity in our geography within the kind of threads we produce. We have a very flexible manufacturing line which can serve with minimum stock by planning in accordance the orders coming from our customers. We appeal to different sectors like footwear, leather, industrial textile and many other sectors except mattress and furniture.

Can you mention your raw material supply sources?

We have been supplying raw material from the world’s leading quality manufacturers for many years. Therefore, we can serve the same quality to our customers even after a long time.

Is there anything that you would like to underline?

The most important problem of the sewing thread in our country is that there are many companies that do not have any quality assurance certificates and they are trying to make sales only with price criterion. Although there are some companies that want certain criteria, some manufacturers can purchase like this. It should be noted that raw material prices are now very close to each other in peer products and cheap sold threads are out of standards either as thickness or meters. The samples from the market confirm this. We request from the manufacturers, they should not make purchases with a single criterion.