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Sleep Well Expo 2018 Approaches

After a break for one year, I say hello again. Last year we had been preparing for Sleep Well Expo 2107. It was a hard process. Actually, the last couple of years were hard for us all. Despite all our good intentions some parts of our fair had been lost and ties were broken. We had had to repair the broken hearts, and to overcome the problems. We had been watching the dawn of the year 2018, seeking a backlash. Sure, there was no place for coincidences that break ties in these kind of long journeys. Everything was running on their channels.

The first good news has come from TETSIAD when we heard that Home&Tex fair was to be held concurrently with our fair thanks to the efforts of Ali Sami Aydin, the chairman of TETSIAD. Next we contacted more frequently with our friends in machine manufacturers to inform them about our vision for 2018 event. Then the puzzle started to be solved. Firms started to sign contracts for participation. Then others were motivated by them and followed. We have put new targets, developed promotional schemes, designed touristic tours for foreign visitors to impress them with the beauties of Istanbul city. Now the count down has begun. Now, the fair is only five months away to be staged. We are excited, so are our participating companies and prospective visitors. Please note that, our firm opens on 26th September to 29th, as the first fair of the year for the industry.

Now let’s talk about the Sleep Well TV, a new initiative of our publication, a digital service complimentary to our mission to publicize the developments, successes, activities and news in our sectors, that will be focused mainly on issues related to mattresses, mattress components and mattress technologies. Teasers of our new media started to be circulated in social media. Serial interviews, video shootings, attractive topics, practical information, etc. all will be covered in this media.

By adapting our words to the jargon of this publication platform I say, “Stay with us!”

Best regards

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