Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: mattressindustry

Etiket Arşivi: mattressindustry

Tech-Melt eliminates undesired odors of hot-melt glues

Tech-Melt supplies high quality hot-melt glues for the mattress industry. We have recently interviewed Altan Bayat, General Manager of Tech-Melt. He focused on the activities and products of Tech- Melt, particularly on the hot-melt glue and adhesives for the mattress ...

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Pakipek turns 60 with investments

 Started 60 years ago as a spinner of silk Pakipek has now Pakfix brand in the mattress industry Founded as a family business to process silk in Bursa, the company has been producing since 1956. Recently having two factories it ...

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Turkey: An efficient player in the spring market in the world

Serkan Kır: “Spring manufacturers in Turkey have to contribute to the national economy by developing new ideas and new products.” One of the major factors behind the fast development of mattress industry in Turkey is the progress made in the ...

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Jakarteks improves effectiveness in exports

Aiming Africa, Jakarteks wants to increase market share in exports One of the leading firms in Bursa in the manufacturing of fabrics for the mattress industry Jakateks offers safety comfort, hygiene and other type of fabrics to its customers. Semra ...

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Elit Core Machine, production started

Having been producing in China for ten years, Elit Core Machine company started to construct CNC machinery in Turkey in 2015. Saying that Turkey is becoming a growing center of attraction for the mattress industry, Erhan Aksu, a partner of ...

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