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2017 would be a year of innovation for Form Sünger

Form Sünger would launch a series of innovative products in 2017

IMG_3520Arif Emre Ölmeztoprak, Export Manager of Form Sünger briefed information on the Company and also pointed out, “One of the largest foam suppliers to the bed industry, Form Sünger increases its production volume by investing 50 million dollars.”

“In Europe, more than half of the beds are foam type of mattresses. In 2006 we started to produce visco products. Building a new production facility of 200 thousand sqm by investing 50 million dollars in Incesu,  Kayseri, Form Sünger (Form Foam Company) increased its capacity by 60%.”

“By means of PCM (Phase Changing Materials), we are able to upgrade the cooling comfort and usage  of foam mattresses to a great extent. As for the anti bacterial materials, we conducted a series of technical studies on anti bacterial materials by cooperating with Sabancı University, thereby producing anti bacterial foams for the industrial usage.”

Arif Emre Ölmeztoprak, Export Manager of Form Sünger said, “Furthermore, we have utilized from aloe vera, as a natural and anti-oxidant additive, during the production processes of foams.

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IMG_4662We have continuously been conducting raw material operations at pilot scale in our company. Our  purchasing department and supplier companies are integrated for product improvements and obtaining if the product is not available with raw material activities made by our R&D department. As our suppliers can come to us by offers we can also make equivalent  works for production of the product depending on literature works.”

He added, “Our delivery of quality products in a short time makes us competitive in international markets. The regulations related to synthetic materials have always been updated at  international platform and all laws for emission are getting stricter. We have been continuing our activities for lower emission for all raw materials we use. Among these are the change of primary and secondary raw materials and revising the production line for lower emission materials.”

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