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A new project alert by Bed Covers

-Duygu Günaydın, Deputy General Manager of Bed Covers, gave the good news of an existing project that they will soon launch as “deg-GÜNAYDIN” on pillow, quilt, mattress and bedding sets.

In our interview with Bed Covers, we talked about new products, catalogs and company projects. Saying that the export rate of their companies is nearly on 70 percent, Günaydın states that they mainly export products to Europe and England.

Can you give information about your new collections?

Our new collections are shaped by design and technology in line with the needs of our customers. We prepare covers enriched with materials and accessories.

Is it possible to make innovations in the mattress cover business? What are your studies on this subject?

As development and technology can be achieved in every field, it is also making progress in mattress cover. The user’s health and comfort should be considered at all times. We work together with our partners to provide better quality sleep on how comfortable the end consumer will be, and what we can add more or what we can offer.

Do you have any new investment and branding projects? If yes, can you inform us about them?

We have a new formation, but this formation is more in the category we call white products. We have a project that you can see soon as ‘deg-GÜNAYDIN’ on pillows, duvets, mattresses and duvet cover sets.

Mattress ticking fabric is the showcase fabric in the mattress industry. You are also a company that makes its collections. You shape the bedding fabric. Can you tell us about the manufacturing stages?

I think it’s a situation that everyone simplifies. Of course, it hurts us manufacturers a lot. It goes through so many processes to produce something, even if it is a very simple cover or a pillow/quilt. Shaping the fabric, enriching it and transforming it into a final product … Today it is as important and meticulous as the production of evening dresses. The processing of the fabric, cutting and putting it into production, sewing side materials in production, accessories and sending it to the customer after the final quality control is a very demanding situation. My greatest desire is that no production should be considered as simple by saying this one is little that one is much.

The pandemic process has blocked the fairs for a while. Have you missed the fairs? Which fairs are you planning to attend?

We missed them very much. We missed to meet our customers, run from a fair to another but we will be patient. It is very difficult to plan which fairs we will attend yet. I will make a clear evaluation after this process.

What is the most preferred cover segment currently? For example, with or without a zipper?

Now I guess all consumption preferences in the world favor natural products. It is the same for our customers. Natural and organic products are preferred. In addition, being washable and antiallergic ones are among the important details.

As the names behind the Bed Covers brand, where do you position the future of your company?

We work by aiming to do our jobs in the right way today and in the future. In this direction, our goal is always to be among the few companies that do their job properly.

You work for domestic and international markets, what is the rate in this? To which countries do you mainly ship your products in foreign markets?

Our export rate in mattress covers is around 70%. We mainly export products to Europe and England.

Where do you see the future of the mattress industry and what should the industry do for a rising momentum?

The mattress sector is a sector that will not get old. But it should never stop its development. I believe that as an industry, we should all work together and add value to each other.