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VK Mattress Machinery offers innovative solutions for mattress manufacturers

  • VK Mattress Machinery offers innovative solutions for mattress manufacturers
  • VK Mattress Machinery company supplies outstanding competitive machines and solutions to manufacturers all over the world for over half a century.


VK Mattress Machinery has always been excited to develop innovative solutions for the mattress manufacturers. We asked the details of their success story to Recep Kütüklü, Sales Engineer of the company. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

You have been manufacturing mattress and spring machinery. Could you inform us about your target markets?

Our mission, since 1968, as a mattress machine manufacturer is to provide quality and long-lasting equipment to help small, medium size and big mattress & furniture producers, either to automate or to increase their daily production numbers.

Our machines proved to be one of the highest quality machines on the market throughout the years. Our target market is local and international; we had the pleasure of providing manufacturers with our machines and solutions all over the globe along the years.

You have made the first mattress machinery of Turkey. Will you have new innovative products for the market?

At VK Mattress Machinery we thrive for innovation and developing innovative solutions.

We have an excellent flexibility and attention to details while developing machinery according to the market demands. Our technical team is working nonstop on finding new technologies and implementing new ideas into the market that will help the mattress and furniture industry. Our focus is mainly on machinery for the production of bonnell and pocket springs for mattresses.

Now our automatic machine for the production of bonnell spring units is known worldwide as the machine with the highest performance.

Do you have any new investment and branding projects to be implemented soon?

We are consistently making investments for our machine park to automate our production process for machinery. In the last few months we have invested in many machines for metal working to develop faster solutions and to increase our production numbers. As the company Veysel Kütüklü we have rebranded our name and design to promote the name VK in the new market, as in the future we are planning to bring our brand more forward.

The machinery industry is rather open to innovations. What is the situation of VK Mattress Machinery  in terms of applying and adapting new technologies in the mattress machinery industry?

Just like in every business, the machinery industry is moving fast, and getting more advanced by time as technology is catching up. At VK we are considering every idea on the table to improve and implement new solutions into our products, our goal is always to improve and develop, so whichever idea gets brought up in our meetings, we pursue it and see where it can take us and what can it bring to our products. We are currently in the process of implementing some new design changes that will help our customers, we are very excited to launch that in the near future.

You are supplying products to domestic and international markets. What is the market percentage at this regard? Which countries are you mainly shipping to?

We have many amazing relationships with companies around the world, from Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our machines are working in more than 60 countries. As well as in Turkey, we have machines all over the country and mainly in Kayseri, where the mattress and furniture industry is based. We have no focus in a certain market, we are very excited to help companies all over the world. Now we have working machines from Puerto Rico to Kenya, Kazakhstan to USA, Paraguay to Ireland, South Africa to Ukraine and in every part of the world. As the demands have risen up, a lot of companies started reaching out to us for more machines to grow their production capacity.

In line with the influences of Covid-10 pandemic there have been changes in economic activities in addition to the social life. What changes have you going through? How were your export markets and rates affected?

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped every business in the world, so of course it affected us as well, beside taking all the measures required by our government in how we work, we also tried to let some of the staff that can work remotely do so, and reduced some of our production staff count to have more manageable workspace and respect social distancing.

We tried to take more steps into digitalizing our sales process, using tools that allowed us to communicate with clients, showcase our machine and more. Our approach overall was great, and we got amazing feedback. Generally, there is no replacement for exhibition where we can meet our clients face to face, because of that we are really looking forward to the next event. Beside all these development and measures taken, we also discovered the importance of automation during this pandemic, and we hope that our clients have also realized the importance of that, so we encourage them to invest in more of our automated machines and solutions.

There are many tools that allowed us to get in touch with customers in the most professional and creative way possible, for example, our marketing team created an interactive presentation where we showcase features and technical details of our machines, with more details and information than the classic catalogues. That is just one of the solutions we tried. We are also working on multiple projects currently that will help us even more.

What foresights do you have for the future of the bedding industry? What suggestions do you have for a rising trend?

The global mattress size is expected to reach 43.2 billion USD by 2025, the demands from the hospitality and real-estate sectors is growing, especially in developing and emerging countries such as India, China and Brazil, this will create a robust demand for mattresses and furniture in general, which implies on machinery demands as well. The mattress industry market will get more digitalized by time, and companies will move into digital platforms to showcase their products and solutions instead of the traditional marketing. On the customer side, people became more conscious about the health and benefits of a good mattress, and that will only increase the demands of high quality mattresses. So, we expect a good increase in production numbers as well as machinery demands.

What are you targeting for short, medium and long runs?

For the past 52 years, we always thrived for consistency and quality. Everything we produce at our company is at the highest level in every detail, from the design, software and the materials we use. Our goal was always and will remain to provide amazing machinery and solutions for the market, and reach more places around the world, as well as focusing on making more efficient and robust wire forming and mattress production machines for the mattress industry.

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