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Akpoli Continues With Second Generation

s13As one of the experienced and recognized companies in the sector Akpoli is now managed by the second generation.

An official of the company outlines their success story: “Second generation of our family which deals with the bedding industry since 1984 conducts the business with experience, knowledge and high energy under the name Akpoli. As an Akpoli company the most important thing is that we know well the bedding production. In order to minimize the problems occurring mattress tape sewing, plastic accessories and label implementation, 3D Spacer fabric assembly to the border of the mattress during the production process of bedding manufacturer, we continue to develop our products.

Mattress Tape:

Mattress tape implemented during last stage of the bedding production is used to combine cover and side wall of the bed. Mattress tapes with various color and pattern hold all the material together and contributes to differentiate different models in bed collection. Edges of the bed are quite attractive with a well-chosen mattress tape which contributes aesthetic appearance to the bed.

Plastic Accessories:

It provides air circulation to the mattress while ensures the inner quality of the bed is reflected by the outer side with various size, color and patterns.

3D Spacer Fabric:

While creating high level of air permeability implementing various sizes and colors to the border of the mattress, it enhances the appearance of the bed too. Recently, mattress manufacturers use this product with high quantity.

Mattress Label:

Labels are implemented as sewn or glued. It is an important material used to tell the customer the quality of the manufacturer company when the bed properties are specified.”