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Allbeco develops strategies internationally

Watching developments in bed industry in international markets Allbeco offers a wide range of products to both domestic and foreign customers.

Selcuk Varli, general director of company informed about his business and strategies.

 What is the aim of founding Allbeco?

Seven years that I spent in the sector has shown me that it is a growing market. Firms have to progress more in both manufacturing and material fields. In general they are struggling to develop new products. They mostly focused on domestic market. So we wanted to be a player in the markets abroad.

On product portfolio of Allbeco

We are a market oriented company, so we have products demanded by customers in our portfolio. We buy and sell, import and export. Different products are demanded by different regions of the world. Africa demands heavily for foam beds, they are gradually demanding spring beds. We begin to supply next level of products namely bagged spring, visco foam kinds.

One third of our lives is spend in sleep. Healthy sleep has direct effects on the psychology of the people. People mostly are aware of the fact and are keen on their choices. Allbeco has a sales contract with Latex Co. Then we focused on natural products with Ko-Si, a Slovenian company, and we sell various products that were made of horsehair, camel wool, coconut fiber, felt and seaweed. They have improved air circulation abilities, that prevents perspiration and acts as air-conditioner. They are suitable both in summer and winter. Beds made of seaweed have aromatherapy with its special odor.

On new products

Besides natural products, recently we learned that gels could lower temperatures by 2 degrees. When lay down on it, you feel cool. It is good for summer times. We are getting distributorship of an Italian cover manufacturer. They have special and very attractive patterns and quality for bed manufacturers. We have good relations with Boyteks. We sell their Ametist and biorhythmic products to producers.

On their distributors

We are rather new in the market. We get demands for distributorship from South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Georgia, and others. We can sell our products in all parts of the world. It is our global strategy.

Africa, Middle East, Balkans and the US are our major export markets.

On the expectations for future and general comments

The sector is growing. There were thee companies in Georgia three years ago. Now they are more than ten. As Allbeco, we aim to develop close and warm relationships with prospective companies. Turkish people and companies have a global vision to expand our industry worldwide.

I personally thanks to Sleep Well magazine for its support for the bedding industry. We also want the establishment of an international association such as ISPA.