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Take care of yourself with adjustable beds

Adjustable beds can make life much better. They allow you to find a position that soothes your body, thus permitting you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer and more comfortable.

Benefits conferred by adjustable beds allow people to sleep in a position that meets their personal needs, and enjoy their bedrooms while relaxing as well. Although adjustable beds got their start in hospitals, they are now common in everyday households because they provide a greater variety of support and sleep positions than a standard bed. Adjustable beds give you the option to raise the head and/or feet of the bed to find the most comfortable position, whether you’re sleeping or relaxing, all with a touch of the button. The bases feature a segmented construction with individual motors to allow for independent movements. Motors may be either A/C or D/C, referring to the currents used. D/C motors provide a quiet and smooth operation while being a little less expensive than A/C versions. A/C motors are able to carrier bigger weight loads, but some find them a little louder. Some models have battery backups as well, which would also be located beneath the bed frame.

Adjustable beds are great for people who like to sit up while watching television, read a book before they hit the hay or work on their laptop computer while beneath the sheets. Then, when it’s time to sleep, you can adjust the bed for optimal sleep support. Adjustable beds are also great for people with heath conditions, such as back and neck problems, acid reflux disease, multiple sclerosis and breathing issues. Adjustable beds are generally able to lift the head and feet up to at about 70 degrees and raise the legs to about 45 degrees.

When buying an adjustable mattress, you can usually choose to mix and match the mattress with the adjustable frame with the features you need. Adjustable beds are also available with special features like built-in massage and adjustable heating pads.

While there is much more that goes into the technical aspect of adjustable bed operation, the key aspects to consider when shopping are the frame of the base, the motor system, degree of adjustability, and the controls. But the base is not the full story, as finding a complementary mattress proves essential to the function of the overall system as well.

Choosing a mattress that will complement the adjustable base proves essential to getting the greatest comfort benefits especially for those who suffer body or orthopedic problems. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are inherently flexible, and perfectly complement the functions of adjustable beds. They are able to contour not only to your body but also to the shape of the underlying frame, to provide ultimate comfort and support.

Finding a comfortable bed can help provide a good sleep so that you are more refreshed and rejuvenated the following day. This helps chronic pain sufferers cope, but is also beneficial to everybody. Choosing a combination of adjustable bases and memory foam or latex mattresses can provide a nearly weightless sleeping position. A memory foam or latex mattress used with an adjustable bed base can provide increase circulation by removing pressure points, reduce aches and pains by supporting the natural shape of the spine, and contours to the movements of the bed to allow sleepers the full range of motion. Providing knee support combined with a slight elevation of the upper body helps to reduce lower back stress. The spine’s natural curvature is supported with a memory foam mattress that is slightly elevated which alleviates multiple pressure points throughout the entire body. At the touch of a button, the entire position can be changed in the night without having to find and prop up pillows or wedges for support. Sufferers of chronic pain caused by the following may find relief with an adjustable bed combined with a memory foam or latex mattress.