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Bodet & Horst innovates easy-made, perfect-fit mattress covers

Germany’s Bodet & Horst, an internationally recognized service provider to the international mattress industry and the world’s leading producer of knitted mattress cover materials innovated another excellent solution for the mattress industry.

The new Whole cover technic developed and patented by the company offers perfect solution for a quick and easy production of high-end waterfall covers.

The company knits all in one, the full mattress cover including top panel, border and bottom panel. All you need to do is cut following the design pattern, sew in the corner and put in the 3 side zip.

* No more holding stock in different components or fabrics for border and panel

* No more risk of shading

* No more labor-intensive cut-and-se

Just a simple all-in-one solution

With this innovative whole cover knitted fabric you get the cover complete on the role. Easy made, perfect fit!

All examples shown in the pictures are heavy weight super stretch elastane ticking, harmonious combination off border and top panel design, offering the best possible comfort.

An official of Bodet & Horst explains, “As the market leaders in innovation, we continue to invest in our knitting and sewing technology, in our logistics and in our R&D. We are driving the increasing demand for high performance knitted mattress-ticking fabrics and sewn mattress covers by continuing to upgrade our manufacturing technology. In recent weeks we have commissioned 4 additional, latest generation, ME knitting machines. This has successfully provided us with the opportunity to increase capacity in this area by 50%. These intelligent dual electronic machines allow for the processing of elastane in certain zones and the creation of multiple colors in innovative relief materials.

“We are also constantly working to maximize our manufacturing processes. One example of our latest know-how, even in sewing technology, is the introduction of a butterfly sewing machine NC 1200 with additional drive. A further focus of investment is in our logistics department. We have now expanded our storage capacity at the logistics center. High-bay warehouses 1 and 2 are now fully functional and with the new building under construction, we expect to have 1640 pallet spaces and a new picking area available.

“As a service provider to the mattress industry, we like to develop individual solutions for our customers.  Hence we have now developed a brand new office for the development of mattress covers, as well as a photographic studio.”


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  1. I am enquiring if you sew and supply cot mattress covers. Non woven. Quilted zipped. 1000 pieces I could send you a sample to copy.